White Label Ad Tech Platform

Serviced, market-ready, efficient RTB marketplace deployed from the ground up in 1 month.
The Easiest Way to Enter Programmatic
Start your own ad tech business without headaches! The working off-the-shelf solution is already in place. Best industry talents are here to tune it and gear in action. Right technology + right people: that's how we rock out of the box effective solutions that unleash your true revenue potential in a few months.
Payback Period
ROI Increase
In 3 months
Revenue Growth
In 3 months
Don't Reinvent the Wheel, Go Straight to Business
Get a Ready-Made Platfrom
No starting from scratch, no half-made decisions, or hiring people for coding, designing, and licensing. The platfrom is already built, label it and get straight to work!
Integrate With Everything
All-encompassing development support, UI personalization, vendor data-provider integrations, and individual support during the integration make it easy to start off on day one.
Unleash the true revenue potential of your traffic. Get greater ROI from ad spend of your traffic partners. Define the terms of your marketplace and earn more from media-trading.
RTB Bidder

The engine of SmartHub platfrom, RTB bidder powers up 3 types of programmatic auctions: first-price, second-price, and the custom one (SmartHub©). Since the whole bidding process is documented: bid floors, prices, winner detection, you can understand the dynamics of the auction, forecast future earnings, and manage the margins and payouts in your system.


SmartHub gathers the data across all activities and differentiates statistics, metrics, and reports according to use cases so that you could determine what your business needs most. Quality of traffic, partners' performance, discrepancies, effectiveness comparison for integration types, or GEOs — all these insights are automatically delivered to you in easy-to-grasp reports.


We've built an adaptable, smart, and self-optimizing system that keeps every bid relevant with traffic trotting mechanism. It analyzes historical data of bidding activity. It interprets what kind of traffic is most preferred by each demand partner and effectively distributes suitable traffic among partners, causing more deals, and thus, higher profits.

Video Player

Our technical team has developed a proprietary VPAID player for VAST ads. If the publisher supports VPAID, the player initializes on their inventory and runs a waterfall inside which finds the best tag that matches requirements. VPAID player with waterfall is reaching all the tags. This increases the chance to hit the right impression that generates more money.

XML Feeds for Pop and Push

XML feeds setup can make your performance CPC campaigns fly. While you can still serve pop and push ads via RTB, XML will provide you with even more options and functionalities. Pass specific attributes like images and icons, insert several ads in response (multi-bid), get separate analytics by pop/push sources, and so on.

For Supply-Side
  • SSPs and Traffic Resellers
  • Networks and Affiliates
  • Traffic Aggregators
  • Ad Servers
For Demand-Side
  • DSPs and Media Agencies
  • Exchanges
Demand-Partner Integration
  • OpenRTB 2.x
  • VAST Tags
  • XML Integrations
  • DSP connectors for specific integrations
Supply-Source Integration
  • OpenRTB 2.x
  • Ad Server Tag
  • XML Integrations
  • Header-bidding
Fraud Detection Integration
  • Pixalate (prebid and post-bid)
  • Protected Media (prebid and post-bid)
  • Forensiq
  • TMT
  • GeoEdge
Why Businesses Trust Us
We Know Ad Tech Inside Out

If you’re going to build great technology, you’re going to want to do it right. Commission it to the company that has a proven track of success. We have been creating full-stack digital platforms for media buyers and media sellers since 2013. A people-oriented software deployment approach allows us to create end-to-end digital solutions you can use to capitalize on your ad business quickly and effortlessly.

We Put Clarity Over All

Ad tech platfrom is a complex system, but making it simple is our delight. Having identified complexity as a customer pain point, we worked relentlessly to create navigation logic that would make platform operation more fun. The platform is 100% user-friendly. Manage, analyze, shape the traffic, and navigate the marketplace according to your own needs in a simple and straightforward manner.

We Work With Your Business

Professional ad ops, dedicated account managers, and sales - we'll help you to assemble your own team that will work tirelessly to maximize your revenues while you focus on things you do best. Choosing SmartHub, you choose a solution that helps you to smoothly resolve 3 ad business challenges at once: building the platform, maintaining it, and finding the right people who bind processes together in a single digital workflow.

Designing and building custom advertising technologies
Spent designing and building AdTech platforms for our clients
Satisfied Clients
Companies that started/strengthened their ad business with SmartHub
New Features Per Month
Added to the system to keep up with competitive ad tech market
Use Сases
For Traffic

Unlock the true potential of traffic capacities your partners possess. Learn how to launch a solution and orchestrate system to gain great profits as a mediator.

For All Digital
Ad Campaigns

SmartHub supports Desktop, In-app, Mobile Web, CTV mediums, and formats like Banner, Video, Native, Pop, Push. Go in-house with ultimate campaign freedom!


Need to connect to RTB? It's doable within 5-7 days. No sweat, plunge into RTB-based auctions, reach global inventory, and maximize revenues with SmartHub.


Integrate your VAST partners! SmartHub supports a diversity of standards and protocols to enable media-trading between platforms regardless of connection type. Learn more.

For XML Feed

Connect new partners by XML connection type. It can become your next gateway to much greater push and pop ad traffic revenue opportunities.


Keep your stack steady and the complex tasks easy. Outstaff heavy lifting tasks to ad ops, account managers, and sales while you focus on important aspects of the business.

SmartHub's Features Have No Limits!
Traffic Types
and Ad Formats
Mobile Web
Data Processing and Privacy Compliance
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Seller.json
  • Cookie Syncing
  • Pixalate (prebid and post-bid)
  • Protected Media (prebid and post-bid)
  • Forensiq
  • TMT
  • GeoEdge
  • Traffic type targeting
  • Ad Format targeting
  • Player size targeting
  • Connection type targeting
  • Device OS targeting and more
  • etc
Roqoon Media Deploys SmartHub in a Month and Gets a Quick Revenue & ROI Boost.
In a month, SmartHub deployed an ad marketplace for Roqoon Media — it paid back in 2,6 months and grew revenues by 262% & ROI by 147%.
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We aim to be the extended IT partner for our clients and empower them to realise their potential. Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

"The best feature of this platform is that UI is very user-friendly and easy to understand, it helps me to work with all functionalities smoothly. I am a novice but still it took me only couple of days to get used to the platfrom and start capitalizing."
"Integrations with safety scanners been taken very seriously by the SH team, all the process configured really quickly so that now we have fully deployed and maintained platfrom."
"With SmartHub I started earning right after it has been deployed and adjusted. Haven't experienced any difficulties. I easely reach out support team when I have something to ask. You are professionals guys because everything seems to work just fine."