With SmartHub Dochase attained 165.46% revenue growth in 5 months and got payback in 2 months

  • Revenue growth


  • Payback in

    2 months

  • Upscaling from 10k

    to 30K

Before the advertising solution of Dochase was launched, a giant market share was unfilled - businesses did not have a clear idea regarding how to attract online attention of the 95 million internet users in Nigeria. They had to rely on foreign platforms that did not have a good network and reach in Nigeria and their costs were often subject to currency variations in exchange rate.

With the enormous growth in the e-commerce niche in Nigeria, Dochase had all the chances to seize the moment to become the pioneer of programmatic advertising in the region. In SmartHub, Dochase found support for in-app banner, native ads, interstitials, and other types of ad campaigns. As well, SmartHub technology has all essential mechanisms for correct traffic distribution, the unique cross-connection type media-trading, and the ability to scale without stopping the operation.

In the latest SmartHub 2.0 version that was in use by Dochase, the system was strengthened and equipped with extended analytics, traffic throttling mechanisms & profit optimization tool based on impressions prices RCPM, advanced filter lists to optimize traffic according to individual needs, and more.

As result, the prebuilt core enabled a faster deployment which in turn, contributed to the quicker capitalization and achievement of payback in just 2 months, revenue growth in 3 to 5 months, and platform scaling from 10K to 20K QPS.

In addition to this, Dochase improved qualitative attributes such as increasing the effectiveness of the ad campaigns, increasing the volumes of sold traffic, getting the ability to investigate discrepancies, reviewing performance by formats and partners.

Download the full case study to examine:

  • The specifics of platform installation for the client that operates in the Nigeria programmatic market
  • How Dochase has implemented a solution, streamlined workflow, and scaled the business
  • Key benefits that the client obtained after SmartHub installation (including qualitative attributes)
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