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From the Frontlines of DMEXCO 2023: SmartHub’s Experience

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DMEXCO 2023 emerged as a prominent fixture in the digital marketing landscape, annually drawing together thousands of global experts to delve into cutting-edge technologies and their practical applications. On September 20 and 21, over 800 thought leaders convened to explore pivotal themes such as artificial intelligence in marketing, the evolution of retail media, automation, the emergence of Web3, sustainability, and other pertinent subjects. This gathering resonated with nearly 40,000 industry professionals and featured the participation of more than 650 renowned companies.

Let’s delve into the event’s highlights and the most engaging topics of conversation. Join us in uncovering the essence of DMEXCO 2023 as experienced by our SmartHub team attendees.

Key Points & Spirit Of DMEXCO 2023 Event

The inauguration of DMEXCO always kicks off with vibrant presentations focusing on the most pertinent and pressing subjects. Consequently, the first day was abuzz with discussions surrounding the profound shifts in the digital landscape that have unfolded over recent years. These changes span from heightened engagement and loyalty-building to reshaping infrastructure and the potential tokenization of tangible assets.


“It was fascinating to witness the ongoing evolution of our industry, not only engaging with our existing partners but also sharing our insights with those who are keen to explore the intricacies of programmatic business. The conference serves as a melting pot, bringing together professionals from diverse countries and various sectors, thereby offering a one-of-a-kind platform for networking and forging valuable connections.”

Anna Zhukovska, the Account Manager of SmartHub

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On the main stage, industry authorities delved into the advancement of emerging technologies, the pervasive influence of major tech players, global energy challenges, and their implications for the marketing and advertising technology sector. The chat sessions tackled sizzling topics such as the evolution of television and streaming, cross-channel brand communication, the evolution of 3D social platforms, and the exploration of innovative video advertising formats.

New gaming channels, 3D experiences, and avatars are clear evidence that the Internet era continues its progress, unlocking unique opportunities for branding, marketing, and e-commerce. The rapidly changing media landscape and entertainment world are also undergoing significant changes influenced by new technologies, redefining the processes of content creation and distribution.

The Role of ChatGPT

The approach to ideation and creative development is changing radically. For example, even people with no specialized education can now independently create content that automatically follows brand guidelines, and this is made possible by ChatGPT. It is important to emphasize that artificial intelligence now complements marketers rather than replaces them, freeing them from monotonous tasks and allowing them to focus on creative and strategic thinking.

The bottom line is that the real advantage of smart algorithms is seen in their ability to precisely tailor advertising messages to the interests of the target audience. The automation of routine and the effective implementation of advanced, personalized methods, with skillful technology choices, are in the core of AI tools.

Multimedia Advertising Trends

Discussing immersive multimedia advertising and how it could rewrite the rules for brands and media agencies was also interesting. This form of advertising promises to solve common problems such as banner blindness and lack of differentiation by improving memorability, elevating brand appeal, and creating an interactive and immersive experience. The event also showcased research supporting the effectiveness of this format, as well as practical recommendations for its implementation.

DMEXCO has evolved into an ideal platform for fostering brand-building initiatives, offering an ideal environment to discover fresh potential partners and opportunities for collaboration.

This year’s event agenda was very diverse and inspiring, reflecting the world’s awakening from the pandemic-induced slumber and its eagerness to move beyond the challenges of recent years. We chose to focus on exploring the most pertinent prospects for advancing advertising technologies in this promising future.


“Attending DMEXCO in Cologne was an amazing experience, especially since it was my first time there. Meeting so many incredible people in person was truly inspiring. It gave us a chance to build stronger connections and gain some really valuable insights.

For the SmartHub team, meeting our existing partners face-to-face was priceless. It allowed us to strengthen our relationships and work together on a more personal level. I’m already looking forward to meeting everyone again next year and taking our partnerships and industry knowledge to the next level!”

Ihor Bazeliuk, New Business Manager of SmartHub

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Increasing Role Of AI & ML Algorithms

As mentioned earlier, this year’s DMEXCO focused on the dominance of generative artificial intelligence in marketing and advertising. A clear trend was evident in most presentations and discussions: the digital revolution is in full swing and powerfully fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning being actively integrated into technology platforms.

These algorithms allow marketers to analyze real-time data to make informed decisions quickly. They improve targeting by analyzing user behavior, preferences, and demographics to deliver relevant content to the right audience at the optimal time.

By the way, explore the SmartHub`s overview of the rising role of AI in ad exchange and programmatic advertising.

What’s more, artificial intelligence based on programmatic platforms is able to automate commerce processes, maximizing the efficiency of advertising budgets. They are constantly learning and adapting, gradually optimizing advertising campaigns and increasing their profitability.

For example, on SmartHub White Label platforms, AI-based technologies are responsible for optimizing the bidding process, as well as proper targeting, bidding, and traffic distribution, allowing for the calculation of adaptive margins and much more. These technologies are relevant and are already being used with great success among our clients.

By the way, you can check the examples of SmartHub`s clients success in these case studies.

Retailers Are Increasingly Turning To Programmatic Advertising

Retail media advertising is a digital market segment that has demonstrated resilience in the face of recent economic challenges. By 2023, retail media networks have evolved into complex, data-driven organizations, acting as the new publishers in a post-cookie era. This transformation provides advertisers and brands access to resources and extends their reach through programmatic advertising.

Projections indicate that retail media spending in the US will reach $100 billion by 2026, creating an entirely new and profitable category within performance marketing. According to the latest IAB data, approximately 92% of European advertisers are already forming partnerships with retailers.

Explore what did SmartHub write about the monetization of programmatic advertising.

Today, retailers are stepping into the role of publishers, becoming competitors to established media companies. This highlights the critical importance of standardized channels, transparent KPIs, and a unified approach to retailer engagement.

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Web3 & Metaverse — The Whales That Power The Digital World

NFT, Web3, and Metaverse are no longer buzzwords that we happen to hear in co-working spaces or coffee shops; now, the technical advances supporting these technologies fit perfectly into sustainable business strategies.

At DMEXCO, there were many lectures and demonstrations presenting all the benefits and potential problems of using Web3. The introduction of the Digital Fashion format at this year’s DMEXCO highlighted that fashion is also firmly linked to digitalization like other retailing industries.

Immersive worlds are also getting closer to becoming an everyday reality. Users can adorn avatars with real products in games and other apps through the digitalization of physical objects. One of the highlights and memorable moments was Tesla’s demonstration of the capabilities of digital and multimedia applications in the systems of its new cars.

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“Reflecting on my time at DMEXCO 2023, I can’t help but be captivated by the sheer dynamism of our industry on display. This annual event is more than just a conference; it’s a transformative experience that immerses you in the pulse of innovation, unveiling the boundless possibilities that lie ahead in the realm of digital marketing and advertising.

In essence, DMEXCO is a celebration of innovation and a testament to the resilience of our field. It’s a place where we don’t just adapt to change; we drive it forward. It’s where we find inspiration, forge lasting connections, and leave with a renewed sense of purpose in our ever-evolving industry.”

Iryna Pashchyna, Business & Product Operations Manager of SmartHub

Cooperation Is The Key To Success

In order to unite the most diverse groups of people with a common idea, brand, or product, it is necessary to find common ground between all of them. To do this and to be effective, as most DMEXCO speakers believe, you need to work together as equals to achieve this goal.

We live in a fantastic time when large enterprises can influence the global development of the world’s technologies and economies while communicating with their customers locally, providing customized services. This approach ensures stable business scaling and also increases customer loyalty in the long term.

SPO & Data

This year, against the backdrop of a fast-paced ad tech industry, it has become particularly important to recognize the strategic role of Supply Path Optimization (SPO) in increasing programmatic advertising visibility. For this reason, 2023 is recognized as the year of SPO, and the topic was discussed extensively at the DMEXCO conference.

Many buyers are strategically managing their ad delivery methods in an effort to unravel the nuances of the process and ensure that their investments are focused on the most cost-effective ad impressions.

However, it’s important to note that data was another central aspect of the discussion. This interesting surge could be due to the data scarcity resulting from tightening privacy policies, the rejection of cookies, and the introduction of various global privacy measures a few years ago. Explore more about the cookieless future of digital advertising.

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The market is actively responding to this challenge with a craze for third-party data solutions in software products. The focus is on automation that helps optimize targeting without compromising user privacy.

Brands and marketers are also embarking on a path to explore contextual targeting as a way to make advertising more privacy-friendly and move away from a reliance on cookie-based targeting, thereby ensuring the sustainability and future-proofing of their marketing communications.

Bottom Line

The DMEXCO 2023 event provided powerful insights into the future of digital trends, casting a spotlight on the ever-evolving landscape of advertising technology. The observations and analysis from the SmartHub team shed light on the pivotal themes discussed, emphasizing the significance of strategies related to Supply Path Optimization (SPO), data utilization, and the dynamic shifts in the industry.

Moreover, the heightened focus on data at DMEXCO 2023 can be attributed to the data scarcity resulting from tightening privacy policies, the phasing out of cookies, and global privacy measures introduced in recent years. The market’s enthusiastic response to these challenges is evident in the interest surrounding third-party data processing solutions within programmatic advertising platforms. Automation, too, has emerged as a key area of attention, facilitating optimized targeting while safeguarding user privacy.

In essence, DMEXCO 2023 served as a beacon illuminating the path to tomorrow’s digital trends in the advertising technology arena. The insights gleaned from the SmartHub team emphasize the critical role of SPO, data strategies, and the industry’s commitment to adapting and thriving in an ever-changing landscape. As we continue to navigate the complexities of the digital marketing world, these insights will undoubtedly serve as valuable guiding lights for improving our own products.

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