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Introducing SmartHub - the first PaaS white-label ad exchange that enables rapid ad tech market entry thanks to the customer-first approach and pre-built technology.

We developed a unique ad exchange set up and maintenance model. It involves an in-depth proactive customer care and support of dedicated team experts who go above and beyond to help you achieve outstanding business outcomes.

Attentive support, profound guidance and cost-cutting innovative technology make a killer combo that helps your business reach spectacular results.

  • Installation


  • ROI Increase


    In 4 months
  • Payback


  • Revenue


    In 3 months

SmartHub Customer Stories

Discover Success Stories of Global Brands that Built Their Ad Exchange Based on SmartHub


Case Studies

  • StreamKey made profit growth 2 times in 2 months with adaptive margin on SmartHub

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  • Mobupps made 371% ROI and 207% profit growth after deploying SmartHub

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  • BidderMob has increased ROI to 319% and upscaled to 100K QPS with SmartHub

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  • Touсan Ads achieved 292% ROI in 6 months with SmartHub

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  • ExplorAds made 487% ROI and doubled the revenue in 4 months after deploying SmartHub

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  • With SmartHub Feeltapmedia built ad exchange in 7 days, achieved 31% ROI and 28% revenue growth in 3 months

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  • With SmartHub Phonder grown its revenue by 87.47% and upscaled to 200K QPS in 1 year

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  • With SmartHub Take1ads gets 585% revenue and 571% ROI in 4 months

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  • Roqoon Media deploys SmartHub reaching 262% revenue growth in 3 months

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We Are Trusted by Our Clients and Partners

For us, SmartHub has become the technology partner that provided visibility and control over traffic distribution and allocation. Thanks to SmartHub, we’ve quickly launched a strong marketplace and pinpointed those areas of traffic improvement that embarked us on a path of continuous performance growth.

Guy Avisar,
Head of Video


SmartHub became our guiding light, enabling us to grow and deliver top-notch solutions. They know how to start in the best way and what steps to take to succeed. Since partnering with SmartHub, our numbers have been going up. Their SaaS platform is truly remarkable. We appreciate the ongoing support they provide at any time.

Moshe Sabia,

Toucan Ads

We received great communication from the account team regarding daily operations and exceptional support overall. SmartHub put partners’ requests in a very high priority and tried their best to help our business grow. The SmartHub team helped us to find a competitive solution for expanding our business to Asia, and successfully deployed the new ad exchange in a short time.

Claire Qiao,


SmartHub for us is the next programmatic technology advance that worked as a key trigger of our ad business take-off. It provides visibility and control over performance, budgets, partners, and most importantly, it gives us leverages to fine-tune and tailor the media-trading process so that it generates high profits and ROI. SmartHub is the only solution that enables building such an efficient platform in a mere week.

Andrew Prysiazhnyi,
VP of Operations


My experience was very positive since the platform is easy to use, the integration process is simple and the customer service is very diligent when it comes to answering inquiries or providing support on any circumstances.

Ignacio Ronchese, Ad Tech Director


Integrations with safety scanners been taken very seriously by the SH team, all the process configured really quickly so that now we have fully deployed and maintained platform.

Or Itzhack, Director of Video


The best feature of this platform is that UI is very user-friendly and easy to understand, it helps me to work with all functionalities smoothly. I am a novice but still it took me only couple of days to get used to the platform and start capitalizing.

Yulia Komnadskaya, RTB Traffic Manager


SmartHub is one fo the leaders in the Ad Tech White Labels Solutions market, and we are very pleased to begin our cooperation with them. From seasoned organizations with stringent requirements to clients who are just entering the programmatic ecosystem, SmartHub delivers value to their clients. With this unique integration, Scalarr’s DeepView will be embedded in SmartHub solutions to allow users to get flexible and quick access to DeepView best-in-class anti-fraud technologies.

Yuriy Yashunin, CPO


Recognized Worldwide for Tech
Excellence and Outstanding Support

  • titan
    TITAN Business Awards 2021

    Customer Service - Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy

    Gold Winner

  • titan

    SaaS Customer Success Category


  • titan
    Global Digital Signage Awards

    Technical Advances and Innovation in Management Software, Data Integration and AI


  • titan
    ExchangeWire Award

    Best Client Services Team


Our Values

  • Customer Care

    Deploying a new platform is a challenge, that’s why all-encompassing onboarding, education, and customer support is our priority number one. We’ll work with you side-by-side continuously guiding you, consulting you, and making sure your business grows.

  • Experience

    We’ve built a lot of ad exchanges for our clients since 2013 and we are proud each time we see they achieve success. Focus on your core competencies while our experienced team takes care of deployment, tech, and platform maintenance aspects.

  • Ease and Simplicity

    Who has the time to meddle with an intricate system? Sure, you’ve got better things to do! We design platforms to be simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate even for people with no technical background.

  • Efficiency

    With the pre-built core, you enter ad tech business in a month and monetize traffic with proprietary traffic management tools better and faster. As a result, you achieve payback and substantially higher ROI in just a couple of months.

  • Adaptability

    Configuration of advanced trading rules coupled with total control over how and where ad inventory is traded enables platform owners to extract maximum value from partners’ traffic so that they could reach better media-trading outcomes.

  • Safety and Transparency

    To make sure your marketplace is always safe and sound we implement the best IAB safety and authorization standards, traffic scanners, and adhere to global privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.


Focus On Business
While We Grow Your Solution

What Makes SmartHub Different?

  • Growing Together
    With You

    When your ad tech business grows and workload in your marketplace requires bigger capacities, we scale your platform for you.

  • Making Steps
    to Help You Succeed

    Our engaging and friendly Ad Ops team supports you throughout your entire business journey - daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

  • Keeping a Finger On
    The Pulse

    We are more than just a support team. We work proactively and reach out regularly to monitor your business and ensure that it thrives.

  • Understanding
    Your Deep Needs

    Our team guides each client individually developing unique strategies and tactics that lead to business success.

  • Doing More
    Than You Expect

    We keep in touch with you constantly to provide essential consultations and valuable business development advice.

  • Providing Comprehensive

    Thanks to our comprehensive onboarding and education our clients succeed with their ad exchange platform even if it is a new business for them.

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