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  • What is a “white label setup”?

    White Label setup means that our team creates for you a ready-to-earn ad exchange platform in less than 7 days. You will work on your own domain and with your own brand (without mentioning the SmartHub). Thus, you get a “box solution” in less than a week: an efficient RTB marketplace that is customized individually for you, (with customly connected supply/demand partners if needed). Plus, you can connect partners from our own trusted list, to start your media trading quickly.

  • Which options of setup are available?

    We have two setup options: “white label” and “non-white label”.

    1. “Non-white label setup” is when we set up a platform for a client on our own domains. That means, at endpoints, on frontend and backend parts there will be only our SmartHub`s domains, not client`s.
    2. Fully “white label setup” has two options. With the first option SmartHub team has unlimited access to the admin panel of the DNS records of our client for a full term of a contract.

    In the second option, a client also receives a full white label, but we buy a domain for our client, SSL certificate, and then set up everything on our side. Herewith, our clients return to us all our costs for domains, certificates, etc. We issue an invoice and include all this info in the agreement.

    Independently on a chosen setup option, you get our account support team that provides you with a deep client-adaptation program (intro and optimization calls) that facilitates onboarding and grasping of the skills for entering the ad tech business niche and successful platform navigation.

  • How long will the setup take if it is a “white label setup” and if it is a “non-white label setup”?

    Both ‘white label’ and ‘non white label’ set ups take around 7 days. The delivery time of the servers depends on the data center, then the team will complete the set up in about 1-2 days. Before submitting the platform to the client it undergoes a test to assure that everything is working properly and the traffic is sent correctly without any discrepancies.

  • Does SmartHub have live support?

    No, SmartHub doesn't have live support, but our account managers are supporting clients during the business days (mainly via Skype or other preferred medium for communication that client prefers.

  • How does customer support work?

    Being proud of our experienced and friendly customer support managers, we will gladly explain to you the strategy we run with all our clients to gain the highest results.

    Proactive, value-added outreach helps solve our customers’ pain points. Our clients can count on SmartHub’s ongoing platform support and focus on their business objectives. Besides the customer support team of account managers, SmartHub can help you arrange to outsource a dedicated account manager to manage your platform. In that case, clients can count on the specialized professional running the activity on the platform and focus on their business objectives instead.

    System setup and tech support. After the system is plugged, under SmartHub's team supervision, our clients adjust their own domains to our data center IPs. In order to exclude chances of traffic discrepancies or errors, the system was tested before submission and demonstrated to the clients in detail.

    Additionally, our team provides on-request assistance with non-standard DSP integration. We also assist our clients with the anti-fraud scanners set up to fraud-proof the system.

    The team develops a special client-adaptation program(intro and optimization calls) that facilitates onboarding and grasping of the skills necessary for entering the ad tech business niche and successful platform navigation. SmartHub’s team regularly measures customer satisfaction and accommodates clients’ requests.

    Increased traffic insights and analytics make media-trading safe and transparent. The account managers will help you to conduct ads.txt lines so that you could pass them to your publishers. As well they’ll help you to generate sellers.json file for placing on your domain. These functions help our client to create a transparent and highly-trusted media-trading space. These solutions facilitate rapid deployment of the programmatic marketplace, and, as a result, quick achievement of payback and ROI.

  • Does SmartHub have a free trial option?

    For now, there is no free trial on SmartHub available. But everyone interested in our solution, can contact us through any convenient medium or fill out the form on the website. We will run a detailed demo where we will answer all your questions and show how the SmartHub platform works.

  • Can the SmartHub team assist me with starting my business from scratch? Are there any consultancy services available?

    Yes, the SmartHub team regularly helps the clients with building their ad tech business from scratch. We also help our clients to create and implement comprehensive strategies to achieve their goals. Check our case studies to see our clients' success.

    Talking about the main advantages of a white-label ad tech platform, our clients often mention such ones:

    • The speed. It takes up to one week to set everything up;
    • The cost. Speaking about the budget - pre-built ones are much cheaper.
    • Ease of use. The SmartHub Ad Exchange platform is very intuitive and can be used even by people that have a low technical or ad tech background. On the scheduled times our clients get reports regarding ad exchange performances so they can analyze the efficiency and make some forecasts.
    • The average payback period is 3 months or even less.

    You can join the ad tech industry already today. Want to talk with us?

  • Will the SmartHub team help with the business development and connection to new supply/demand partners?

    Yes, the SmartHub team helps you with the connection of the first supply/demand partners from our own trusted list, to start your media trading quickly. We also share insights and success reports with you.

    Additionally, we have outstaffing services, so that we can hire and teach Ad Ops or business development managers for our clients.

  • Can I work with multiple regions/Data Centers at the same time?

    SmartHub has a strong server infrastructure located in the USA East and USA West, APAC region and Europe, that guarantees that ads are rendered instantly and in impeccable quality.

    That's why on your SmartHub White Label Ad Exchange platform you have possibilities to run media trading with multiple regions and data centers at the same time. For that you need to buy a separate server for each region.

  • How can I utilize VAST integration on SmartHub? Can I work with ‘RTB to VAST’ in addition to ‘VAST to VAST’?

    Yes, it is possible! We know that it can be a challenge when you have different kinds of demand and supply partners in your marketplace because each of them may trade according to particular standards and protocols. That is why we in SmartHub have made it possible to trade on one platform with different types of connections: VAST to RTB’, ‘VAST to VAST’, and ‘VAST To All’. It gives your partners much more flexibility and media-trading convenience. We described in detail how it works on SmartHub in this article.

  • What does QPS mean?

    QPS means a number of queries (bid requests) sent from/to the exchange system per second. Basically used to specify the potential amount of queries that the system is capable of handling.

  • How can I jump on a higher Service Plan? How long will it take?

    The transition to a higher service plan can happen at any time. The process of raising itself takes approximately 3-5 working days.

  • If I pick a specific Service Plan (e.g. 30k QPS), will I get 15k QPS incoming and 15k QPS outgoing or 30k QPS incoming and 30k QPS outgoing?

    If you take 30k QPS, you get 30k incoming + 30k outgoing.

  • Can I integrate with direct publishers and advertisers?

    Yes, at the moment, on SmartHub you can work with direct publishers, advertisers, and other market participants using VAST tags.

    More than that, JS and prebid.js will be added soon as well.

  • Does SmartHub have a self-serve option?

    Despite the fact that SmartHub WLS Ad Exchange has extended customer support, all our clients have the opportunity to manage their SmartHub platform themselves. Thus, you are the admin of the platform, you operate it and optimize.

    SmartHub platform contains detailed statistics and analytical tools that have information about impressions, endpoints, billings, traffic types with help of traffic logger, DSP spends and SSP spends, domains/bundles, publishers, creatives, countries, and all other data you need.

  • Will I be able to manage inventory, ad placements and creatives?

    SmartHub is exclusively an ad exchange platform, focusing solely on ad exchange functionality rather than serving as an SSP or DSP. This means that on the supply side, publishers do not have access to self-serve features for inventory and placement management. Similarly, on the demand side, advertisers do not have access to features such as creative management and campaign management. Additionally, integration with direct advertisers is not supported.

    With SmartHub you can transfer traffic through the platform and integrate your partners on both sides using various integration types. You have the flexibility to set your own margin and generate revenue based on your partners' activities.

  • Can I use my own servers/Data Center for the platform deployment?

    Our clients can't use their own servers or their own providers, as we work only with our data center.

  • What can I make on the platform if I pick 10k / 20k / 30k / 50k / 100k / 500k QPS Service Plan?

    It's essential for understanding that the most important for your profit is the quality of traffic.

    The more direct SSP and DSP partners there are on your platform, but not trenches and resellers, the more likely for you to get the best result in your profit.

  • Do you have anything like custom development if I need a feature unavailable on the platform by default? How does it work?

    Yes, we on SmartHub provide our clients with an opportunity of a custom development that allows getting a White Label Ad Exchange Platform created individually for your needs. To discuss it in detail just contact us.

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