Supply Side Integrations on SmartHub

With supply-side integration services available on SmartHub, adjusting and managing supply in your ad exchange is simple as ABC. The widest range of integration types is here for you, each designed to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for your marketplace. Choose the most convenient and advanced option today and experience the future of media trading.

Supply-Side Connection Types

OpenRTB 2.5

Almost every supply side platform for publishers utilizes the universal OpenRTB standard today.

Seamlessly connect your supply partners (SSPs) to your ad exchange with the power of OpenRTB 2.5 integration. This industry-standard protocol ensures a smooth and standardized communication flow between your platform and SSPs, enabling efficient real-time bidding processes. Adopting OpenRTB 2.5 gives you access to a wide network of SSPs, expanding your inventory and enhancing your marketplace's competitiveness. Enjoy a simplified setup, reduced integration time, and a unified environment for media trading.


What is an integrated supply-side platform without VAST to RTB connection? This type combines the power of VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) and RTB (Real-Time Bidding) to streamline the delivery of video ads within your platform. With VAST to RTB integration, you ensure seamless compatibility between various video players and SSPs, enabling dynamic bidding for video inventory. This integration not only enhances your ad exchange's video ad delivery but also optimizes the user experience by serving engaging and relevant video content.


This is another amazing supply side integration for publishers in your SmartHub. By embracing VAST to VAST integration, you ensure that your video ads are smoothly delivered and displayed across a variety of devices and platforms, leading to a consistent and engaging user experience. This integration type simplifies technical complexities and empowers your ad exchange with a broader reach and increased monetization opportunities. Transform your video advertising strategy by choosing VAST to VAST integration and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of digital advertising.

VAST to All

SmartHub is a unique supply side integration provider in its niche because it can offer you universal VAST to All media trading support. By implementing VAST to All integration, you create a unified experience for media trading and ad delivery, ensuring your video content is accessible and engaging regardless of the viewing context. Embrace VAST to All integration to maximize your ad exchange's video ad impact, optimize revenue streams, and achieve substantially better profits from a truly universal and limitless media-trading environment.

JS tags

You can trade via JS tags on both supply and demand sides. JS tags deliver a seamless way for your partners to connect and communicate during media trading. This supply-side integration solution simplifies the technical intricacies of connecting different systems, making expanding your marketplace's offerings easier. With JS tags integration, you enhance the speed and efficiency of media trading, providing a smoother experience for demand partners and users. Grasp JS tags integration to unlock a world of possibilities for your ad exchange, streamlining processes and ensuring optimal performance.


Embrace a header-bidding on SmartHub supply side platform integrations. Create an environment where SSPs can simultaneously bid on your ad placements before the page loads, ensuring the highest possible revenue for each impression. This approach eliminates traditional waterfall setups and allows for fair value discovery. With header-bidding integration, you optimize demand for your ad exchange, increase transparency, and provide advertisers with improved access to premium inventory.

Key Benefits of Supply-Side Integrations for Publishers

Enhanced Ad Revenue

Supply-side integration empowers supply partners to tap into a wider range of demand sources, including direct buyers and programmatic advertisers, which results in higher bids and boosted ad revenues.

Access to Premium Demand

A variety of available supply integration options enable supply partners to join SmartHub ad exchange seamlessly. Integrations like header-bidding and open access to various demand partners mean easier trading and extended opportunities for striking deals.

Improved User Experience

With certain supply-side integration, suppliers can implement strategies that prioritize user experience. For instance, JS tags integration, like other popular integration types, ensures ad size flexibility, the absence of latency, and trading with partners like Google.

Streamlined Management

Instead of dealing with multiple fragmented solutions, you can manage your media trading seamlessly with a variety of integration types available on SmartHub. For instance, header-bidding auctions can be organized server-side and client-side.

Unbiased trading

SmartHub supply-side platform integrations keep the trading transparent and understandable. For example, the Prebid.js code for header-bidding enables demand partners to bid at the same time and, thus, creates an environment of equal opportunities.

How Supply-Side Integration Works on SmartHub

Connecting supplyin your SmartHub spans just several steps.
When you stay inside the dashboard, simply select the desired connection while you add a new endpoint.
See more information about this connection here.

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Integration Support

SmartHub specializes in demand-side and supply side integration services
but also provides all-encompassing customer support, including:

  • system setup and tech support
  • on-request assistance
  • troubleshooting
  • regular account management
  • special client-adaptation program (intro and optimization calls) that facilitates onboarding and grasping of the skills necessary for entering the ad tech business and successfully navigating the platform
  • outstaffing dedicated ad ops (paid option)

We Are Trusted by Our Clients and Partners

For us, SmartHub has become the technology partner that provided visibility and control over traffic distribution and allocation. Thanks to SmartHub, we’ve quickly launched a strong marketplace and pinpointed those areas of traffic improvement that embarked us on a path of continuous performance growth.

Guy Avisar,
Head of Video


SmartHub became our guiding light, enabling us to grow and deliver top-notch solutions. They know how to start in the best way and what steps to take to succeed. Since partnering with SmartHub, our numbers have been going up. Their SaaS platform is truly remarkable. We appreciate the ongoing support they provide at any time.

Moshe Sabia,

Toucan Ads

We received great communication from the account team regarding daily operations and exceptional support overall. SmartHub put partners’ requests in a very high priority and tried their best to help our business grow. The SmartHub team helped us to find a competitive solution for expanding our business to Asia, and successfully deployed the new ad exchange in a short time.

Claire Qiao,


SmartHub for us is the next programmatic technology advance that worked as a key trigger of our ad business take-off. It provides visibility and control over performance, budgets, partners, and most importantly, it gives us leverages to fine-tune and tailor the media-trading process so that it generates high profits and ROI. SmartHub is the only solution that enables building such an efficient platform in a mere week.

Andrew Prysiazhnyi,
VP of Operations


My experience was very positive since the platform is easy to use, the integration process is simple and the customer service is very diligent when it comes to answering inquiries or providing support on any circumstances.

Ignacio Ronchese, Ad Tech Director


Integrations with safety scanners been taken very seriously by the SH team, all the process configured really quickly so that now we have fully deployed and maintained platform.

Or Itzhack, Director of Video


The best feature of this platform is that UI is very user-friendly and easy to understand, it helps me to work with all functionalities smoothly. I am a novice but still it took me only couple of days to get used to the platform and start capitalizing.

Yulia Komnadskaya, RTB Traffic Manager


SmartHub is one fo the leaders in the Ad Tech White Labels Solutions market, and we are very pleased to begin our cooperation with them. From seasoned organizations with stringent requirements to clients who are just entering the programmatic ecosystem, SmartHub delivers value to their clients. With this unique integration, Scalarr’s DeepView will be embedded in SmartHub solutions to allow users to get flexible and quick access to DeepView best-in-class anti-fraud technologies.

Yuriy Yashunin, CPO


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Our efforts multiply clients' success.

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Integrated Supply Side Platform on SmartHub

SmartHub is based on a pre-built SaaS technology that enables rapid deployment of an RTB-driven, open marketplace solution in just 7 days.

Our team has been developing advertising platforms since 2018.
Right now, we have over 110 happy customers who think they made the right decision when they adopted SmartHub.

We take technical design and service innovations very seriously, continually investing in them as they are the keys that differentiate SmartHub and make it stronger. Exactly these two components ensure that our clients quickly become financially successful (as proven by case studies).


  • What is SSP, or Supply-side platform?

    Supply-side platform (SSP) is the primary inventory aggregator in programmatic advertising. Publishers use the SSP to automate the media sales process and effectively manage their advertising space in real time.

  • I need a non-standard supply-side integration solution, can you help with that?

    Our dedicated team is here to assist you even with non-standard connections for supply. Don’t worry, we’ll help you to establish a connection with ease.

  • What are the easiest ways to connect SSPs on SmartHub?

    The easiest ways to connect supply are OpenRTB 2.0 (the most common type), JS, and VAST tags; however, none of the integration types available on SmartHub require tech knowledge.

  • How do I define which supply side integration solution is the most optimal for my supply partner?

    Ensure that the integration solution you choose is technically compatible with your supply partners' systems and technology stack. Additionally, you can always communicate it with your supply partner or ask our team for a consultation.

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