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  • Get a Ready-Made Platform

    No starting from scratch, no half-madedecisions, or hiring people for coding, designing, and licensing. The platform is already built, label it and get straight to work!

  • Integrate With Everything

    All-encompassing development support, UI personalization, vendor data-provider integrations, and individual support during the integration make it easy to start off on day one.

  • Start

    Unleash the true revenue potential of your traffic. Get greater ROI from ad spend of your traffic partners. Define the terms of your marketplace and earn more from media-trading.



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We Are Trusted

by Our Clients and Partners

My experience was very positive since the platform is easy to use, the integration process is simple and the customer service is very diligent when it comes to answering inquiries or providing support on any circumstances.

Ignacio Ronchese, Ad Tech Director


Integrations with safety scanners been taken very seriously by the SH team, all the process configured really quickly so that now we have fully deployed and maintained platform.

Or Itzhack, Director of Video


The best feature of this platform is that UI is very user-friendly and easy to understand, it helps me to work with all functionalities smoothly. I am a novice but still it took me only couple of days to get used to the platform and start capitalizing.

Yulia Komnadskaya, RTB Traffic Manager


SmartHub is one fo the leaders in the Ad Tech White Labels Solutions market, and we are very pleased to begin our cooperation with them. From seasoned organizations with stringent requirements to clients who are just entering the programmatic ecosystem, SmartHub delivers value to their clients. With this unique integration, Scalarr’s DeepView will be embedded in SmartHub solutions to allow users to get flexible and quick access to DeepView best-in-class anti-fraud technologies.

Yuriy Yashunin, CPO


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