Demand Side Integrations on SmartHub

Looking for a robust demand-side integration solution for your ad exchange? What sets SmartHub apart is our seamless integration with demand partners, ensuring that your media trading thrives in profitability and effectiveness. Discover how our diverse integration types can elevate your ad exchange's performance and expand your revenue horizons.

Demand-Side Connection Types

OpenRTB 2.5

Every demand-side platform for advertisers these days utilizes Open RTB 2.5 connection. The advantage of RTB 2.5 lies in the streamlined exchange of bid requests and responses, empowering DSPs to place bids in real time, maximizing competition, and ultimately driving higher revenue. With OpenRTB 2.5 integration, your ad exchange not only gains access to a wider range of DSPs but also ensures a transparent and efficient trading process.


Demand-side integration services are varied on SmartHub and include universal VAST to RTB connection that enables partners with different connections seamlessly trade. By fusing VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) and RTB (Real-Time Bidding) capabilities, this integration enables a harmonious interaction between video content and bidding processes. DSPs can bid on video inventory in real time, enhancing competition and streamlined video ad rendering.


By seamlessly aligning the capabilities of VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) across various video players, SmartHub empowers demand partners (DSPs) with a universal language for efficient video traffic trading. With VAST to VAST integration, your ad exchange not only simplifies technical complexities but also expands opportunities for striking more deals and integrating more demand partners.


Every integrated demand-side platform these days tries to expand media trading opportunities.

VAST to All integration not only simplifies the complexities of video ad delivery but also amplifies your ad exchange's reach, making it a magnet for demand partners that seek limitless media trading that doesn’t depend on the connection type. Unleash the potential of video advertising through VAST to All integration and revolutionize how you engage with your audience.

DSP connectors for specific integrations

At SmartHub, we understand that demand-side partners sometimes come with unique integration requirements. That's why we offer DSP connectors that transcend standard integration types, making it effortless to collaborate with DSPs regardless of technical complexities. This means that even with specialized demands, you can effortlessly integrate DSPs into your ad exchange.

JS tags

JS tags are a popular demand-side integration solution that will help you to navigate the complex integration of demand-side partners. Our innovative JS tags offer a flexible solution simplifying the integration process, allowing seamless communication between your ad exchange and DSPs. Whether DSPs prefer JavaScript-based connections or non-standard integration types, our JS tag integration bridges the gap, ensuring your platform remains accessible and engaging for all parties involved.


Header-bidding is a popular demand side integration solution for advertisers that want to trade in the fair, equal-opportunity bidding environment. Header-bidding revolutionizes the advertising landscape by leveraging cutting-edge technology, particularly through JavaScript (JS) tags, to optimize bid auctions. Demand partners can bid simultaneously in a unified auction before page load, ensuring a level playing field and maximizing their opportunities to secure premium placements.

Key Benefits of Demand Side Integrations

Increased targeting capabilities

Demand side integration platform provides demand partners with an arsenal of supported targeting options. Thanks to this, they can buy only highly-targeted traffic that converts and results into outstanding outcomes.

High profits from deals

The combination of enhanced targeting, access to diverse inventory, improved campaign performance, and strong ad exchange analytics — this is all about integrations on SmartHub that help you to achieve elevated profits from deals.

Access to a wider inventory

SmartHub provides a demand-side integration platform for connecting all sorts of demand partners, each of which can participate in media trading. As demand partners don’t depend on connection type, they seamlessly reach desired ad inventory.

Unbiased trading

Header-bidding keeps the trading transparent and understandable. For example, the Prebid.js code for header-bidding enables demand partners to bid at the same time and, thus, creates an environment of equal opportunities for traffic buyers.

Improved bidding

There are several great bonuses for connecting demand utilizing Prebid Server and Prebid JS in header-bidding integrations. They enable making calls to different demand partners while improving ad requests and removing extra workload from browsers.

How Demand Side Integration Works on SmartHub

SmartHub is a white-label programmatic solution with a modern real-time bidding system
that allows demand partners to make purchases automatically when searching for the right traffic.

For example, for JS tags, there’s a chance to select any bidder from the available list, then fill in its custom bid parameters.
Just create the endpoint and configure the parameters.

Screen Example
Screen Example
OpenRTB 2.5

To set up an OpenRTB connection, when you adjust a supply endpoint, select RTB in the corresponding endpoint.

JS tags

When you generate a new supply endpoint, choose Pre-bid.js as a connection type.


To generate a new Prebid endpoint for header-bidding integration, choose connection type Prebid. Fill in all the standard fields for the setup, and then select your demand partner's Pre-bid server. SmartHub for header-bidding Prebid documentation you can find here.

DSP connectors for specific integrations

If you have specific integrations, our team will gladly select the right DSP connectors and assist you with further implementation.

Integrations Support and Resources

SmartHub provides all-encompassing customer support, including:

  • system setup and tech support
  • on-request assistance
  • troubleshooting
  • special client-adaptation program (intro and optimization calls) that facilitates onboarding and grasping of the skills necessary for entering the ad tech business and successfully navigating the platform

We Are Trusted by Our Clients and Partners

For us, SmartHub has become the technology partner that provided visibility and control over traffic distribution and allocation. Thanks to SmartHub, we’ve quickly launched a strong marketplace and pinpointed those areas of traffic improvement that embarked us on a path of continuous performance growth.

Guy Avisar,
Head of Video


SmartHub became our guiding light, enabling us to grow and deliver top-notch solutions. They know how to start in the best way and what steps to take to succeed. Since partnering with SmartHub, our numbers have been going up. Their SaaS platform is truly remarkable. We appreciate the ongoing support they provide at any time.

Moshe Sabia,

Toucan Ads

We received great communication from the account team regarding daily operations and exceptional support overall. SmartHub put partners’ requests in a very high priority and tried their best to help our business grow. The SmartHub team helped us to find a competitive solution for expanding our business to Asia, and successfully deployed the new ad exchange in a short time.

Claire Qiao,


SmartHub for us is the next programmatic technology advance that worked as a key trigger of our ad business take-off. It provides visibility and control over performance, budgets, partners, and most importantly, it gives us leverages to fine-tune and tailor the media-trading process so that it generates high profits and ROI. SmartHub is the only solution that enables building such an efficient platform in a mere week.

Andrew Prysiazhnyi,
VP of Operations


My experience was very positive since the platform is easy to use, the integration process is simple and the customer service is very diligent when it comes to answering inquiries or providing support on any circumstances.

Ignacio Ronchese, Ad Tech Director


Integrations with safety scanners been taken very seriously by the SH team, all the process configured really quickly so that now we have fully deployed and maintained platform.

Or Itzhack, Director of Video


The best feature of this platform is that UI is very user-friendly and easy to understand, it helps me to work with all functionalities smoothly. I am a novice but still it took me only couple of days to get used to the platform and start capitalizing.

Yulia Komnadskaya, RTB Traffic Manager


SmartHub is one fo the leaders in the Ad Tech White Labels Solutions market, and we are very pleased to begin our cooperation with them. From seasoned organizations with stringent requirements to clients who are just entering the programmatic ecosystem, SmartHub delivers value to their clients. With this unique integration, Scalarr’s DeepView will be embedded in SmartHub solutions to allow users to get flexible and quick access to DeepView best-in-class anti-fraud technologies.

Yuriy Yashunin, CPO


Success Stories

Our efforts multiply clients' success.

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Demand Side Integration on SmartHub

Are you searching for a demand side integration provider you can trust?
Built on a pre-established SaaS technology, SmartHub expedites the launch of an RTB-driven open marketplace solution within a mere 7 days.
With a track record of advertising platform development dating back to 2018, our dedicated team has amassed over 110 satisfied customers, affirming their smart choice in adopting SmartHub.


  • What is DSP, or Demand-side platform?

    Demand-side platform (DSP) is a platform through which traffic is purchased. Advertisers use DSPs to automate the ad buying process and manage ad campaigns in real time from a single location.

  • Can you help me with demand integration if I need it custom?

    Are you interested in working on a high-performance integrated demand side platform? Virtually any demand-side platform for advertisers can be integrated with SmartHub thanks to the custom adapters and cross-connection integration types. Contact us, and we’ll help you with this asap.

  • Can I integrate multiple demand-side platforms with your white label ad exchange?

    Yes, exactly for this reason, we have many integration options, including demand side integration for advertisers, as we strive to ease partner connection for you so that you can maximize the number of partners and, thus, the number of deals in your ad exchange.

  • I’m planning to deploy SmartHub soon. Can you help me with demand integration at this stage?

    For sure, SmartHub provides demand side integration services when you deploy your ad exchange. We also accept special requests and provide you with partner integration assistance, after which your platform is tested to ensure successful performance.

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