Posted on Nov 24, 2023

Unleashing Ad Revenue Potential with Demand Booster: Game-Changer for Your SmartHub Performance

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When users invest more time on a page, it’s not just about lingering; it’s about active participation and genuine interest. Advertisements strategically positioned in this environment stand out, gaining the undivided attention of an audience that’s not just passing by but actively absorbing content. 

As these pages have so much potential in terms of additional ad placement, the question that often arises is, “ How to make the most out of pages with longer user engagement”? On your SmartHub platform, you can generate additional ad requests for users who spend a considerable amount of time on a single page or app, thanks to the innovative feature called Demand Booster. What is this feature about, and how does it boost your media trading environment? Let’s start to explore. 

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What Is Demand Booster All About?

Thanks to the additional ad requests that will be generated for longer user engagement, Demand Booster will optimize ad revenue opportunities, revolutionizing media trading on your SmartHub. 

How Does Demand Booster Work?

Demand Booster operates exclusively for Real-Time Bidding (RTB) connections and is tailored for the Banner ad format. Its functionality unfolds in a strategic sequence:

1. The first interaction takes place: As a user opens a web page, the bid request is dispatched. Upon receiving a bid response, an initial ad is displayed, and this first impression is recorded.

2. More requests are following: After a short delay following the initial request, a fresh bid request is triggered. Upon securing a bid response, the corresponding ad is cached and scheduled to display after the initial impression.

3. Impressions are getting recorded: In case multiple ads get displayed in a single user session, all impressions generated through Demand Booster are meticulously recorded in the platform statistics alongside the initial one.

To maximize the probability of bid responses and subsequent impressions, Demand Booster adjusts requests, factoring in parameters such as tmax, bidfloor, bcat, and badv. While the new bid request retains the original bid parameters, adjustments are made to enhance the likelihood of obtaining a bid response.

Track Success in the Platform’s Statistics section

All impressions generated by Demand Booster are comprehensively logged in the platform’s statistics. The SSP spend associated with these impressions contributes directly to the platform’s profit. Meanwhile, DSP spend and payouts follow the existing auction logic of the platform, ensuring a seamless integration of Demand Booster into the broader revenue ecosystem.

How to Activate Demand Booster?

Demand Booster can be activated exclusively on the supply side, either during the creation or editing of an endpoint. It’s crucial to note that this feature is tailored for RTB connections involving the Banner ad format, underscoring its specialization in catering to specific ad environments.

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To Sum Up

Demand Booster is an important new leverage for increasing SmartHub effectiveness as it works with web pages that have the best opportunities for ad content consumption. 

By strategically optimizing ad opportunities for pages with prolonged user engagement, it effectively enhances revenue streams in your ad environment. Embrace the future of ad optimization with Demand Booster and unlock the full potential of your ad ecosystem. 

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