Posted on Aug 2, 2022

Why white label programmatic platform and white label ad operation team are great solutions for your business

White Label requires minimal initial capital investment, as the supplier covers all issues related to software licensing, data center space or servers, logistics, and technical support costs. Once a company has customized the product with its brand’s feel and look, it can start selling the product as its own revenue and share the commission with the service provider or technology.

Also, White Label helps to focus solely on the development of your company and not invest resources in marketing and promotion. Moreover, some companies allow you to outstaff, fully support and effectively develop advertising campaigns.

Let’s see how it works and why you need it.

What kind of business needs White label solutions?

Few companies can afford to develop their own solution from scratch. The use of ready-made software allows partners to launch their brand based on existing technologies, considering all the high standards and innovations in the industry.

All technical issues related to the white label platform’s development and further support along with maintenance are fully outsourced to the White Label company. As a result, the brand receives a product manufactured by the technical requirements set before implementation.

Here are some of the reasons why white label solution is developed:

  • The business intends to focus on building a brand or developing innovative customer service strategies;
  • Production requires special registration or licensing;
  • The company intends to implement a unique solution better suited to the goals, brand objectives, customer service process, etc;
  • The brand wants to launch its own white label business to save some of the media purchase costs that are usually spent on commissions paid to technology providers;
  • The company is tiny or has only executives on the team. However, it has the necessary funds to start the business as soon as possible;
  • The company does not want to risk quality when developing a new platform and it acquires technologies its team has tried and loved before;
  • The brand wants to get certain functionality unavailable on any other platform;
  • The brand wants to enter a new market and win the competition in a new segment, and it has a vision of achieving its goal using a unique technology.

What is the role of white-label ad operation team?

SmartHub provides both advanced technical support and business advice. However, for some fast-growing companies, this is not enough. Many enterprises do not have the human resources to maintain the efficient work of the white label platform. Therefore, we have improved our service, making it super-customer-centric and all-encompassing.

Thus, we launched an outstaffing service for SmartHub white label programmatic platform owners. Therefore, SmartHub can select and train professionals for you based on your specific requests and requirements. 

Online advertising operations will significantly strengthen your internal team’s capabilities while you focus on making strategic decisions. Also, our digital marketing problem-solving skills and abilities will help your advertising campaigns run correctly, efficiently, and on time.

What is a white label team

What do you need to know about advertising operations?

Ad Ops refers to digital advertising services that manage digital advertising sales on the Internet. Digital advertising primarily appears on websites as banners but can also occur in other formats such as video or audio ads on streaming services.

Employees of Ad Ops (advertising operations) are actively involved in preparing and executing advertising campaigns before and after the launch of the campaign. In other words, these people support campaign setup, testing, flow, delivery, and omnichannel ad optimization across multiple digital ad mediums and formats (video, native, mobile, desktop, CTV). To do this, they closely interact with other platforms: DSP, SSP, etc.

Advertising operations: aspects and goals

  • Campaign traffic. Advertisers keep track of all advertising operations. The Traffic Manager sets up the campaign according to the most appropriate targeting strategies, performs online ad optimization, and ensures that the campaigns are set up correctly to run smoothly. Ad operations also help clients create pixels to track how the audience interacts with creatives. If necessary, troubleshooting is also carried out.
  • Planning. Programmatic helps you automate the buying and selling of ads. In turn, advertising specialists ensure that the campaign is launched on time and delivered to the target audience promptly. For targeting and retargeting users, advertisers can choose certain days: holidays, weekends, and certain times of the day. In addition, advertisers know when CPMs are higher and lower during the season, so they can use the daily fluctuation of information to optimize client scheduling.
  • Optimization. Programmatic advertising operations support the daily online advertising operations of programmatic and programmatic direct campaigns (direct sales without RTB). These people are also involved in campaign optimization to reduce placement (and ad visibility). In addition, they tune the campaign to achieve the desired metrics and performance over the period — an example of optimizing ad placement for digital content (below).
  • Income generation. Digital advertising professionals are directly responsible for generating revenue, as they are the ones who run the advertising campaigns behind the scenes. The revenue management and revenue officer look explicitly for these opportunities and facilitates progress in this direction, such as allocating advertising budgets across different ad spaces and placements to generate more revenue.
  • Creation of reports. Advertisers collect data from their ad server and a third-party ad server by creating and viewing weekly, monthly, and daily system reports — an example of what these reports might contain.

People involved in advertising operations understand how to set up a campaign for a client and achieve the desired results using all the features and functionality of an existing advertising stack. As a result, their functions are very diverse.

Why do companies choose to outsource advertising operations?

Advertising operations are complex; various studies of the programmatic market regularly show that the main factor hindering the development of the advertising business is the lack of qualified specialists. For example, 44% of professionals who already work in online advertising report that they do not understand programmatic advertising and are not familiar with the procedures and processes of digital advertising campaign operations.

It also requires a solid knowledge of digital advertising and software processes, a high level of in-house technical capabilities, and strong, established relationships with advertising providers — publishers and advertisers — and other technology providers.

Worldwide, only a few media companies are engaged in training software specialists (including advertising). Maintaining and training advertising operations is challenging; you must have your proprietary advertising technology, training methodology, market knowledge, industry trends, and understanding of business relationships.

What you need to know about SmartHub outstaffing

Advanced technical support is not enough for some white-label clients. For example, they can provide you with all the necessary information and recommendations but you have no team to implement it all yourself. 

Many companies do not have the human resources for this. Some of them do not have enough smart and experienced people to implement complex tasks, for example, setting up analytics. So, at SmartHub, we have extended our service far beyond tech support. We decided to specifically select employees for our clients so that their businesses could move forward fast. Such employees will be able to do everything necessary and implement our advice so that the client gets the maximum result. Thus, we have launched an outstaffing service — we prepare account managers and AdOps for our clients.

It is important for us to create an effective training program for the professionals we select so that they can carry out high-quality advertising operations on your platform. A simple process design also helps in making the outstaffing model clear to clients and easy to get going.

Another critical point for us is the comprehensive recruitment process, which allows only the best candidates to be selected and evaluated after selection before the final interview with the client.

The qualities and skills of candidates when recruiting an ad ops team depend on the product. 

In Ad Exchange, account managers and AdOps help connect supply and demand partners in a way that guarantees maximum profit. For example, they analyze statistics, monitor trading tendencies, and compare indicators. All this is necessary to understand the correspondence of supply and demand to each other. Then, if there is a problem, they tune the auction so that the problem is solved and performance increases again.

​​What are the benefits of outstaffing digital advertising

Outsourcing advertising operations are becoming increasingly popular among companies because it allows entrepreneurs to save time and money in finding rare software specialists. In this way, companies solve, for example, tasks related to the recruitment process: selection, testing, interviewing, and hiring. They also solve the problems associated with keeping professionals in the state: paying salaries, labor taxes, etc.

Here are a few key benefits:

  • Economic efficiency. Those who lay off specialists relieve themselves of labor payments, including payroll, payments for finding employees, installing office programs, not to mention renting an office.
  • Saved time. High-level professional programmers are hard to find. So it is convenient if you can find them all in one place and bring your advertising solutions to market without wasting time building your team.
  • Expertise guarantee. As a rule, outstaffing specialists work for large advertising technology providers for quite a long time. As a result, they deepen their knowledge and regularly hone their skills by doing everyday work.
  • Well-organized campaigns. Online advertising needs carefully crafted advertising strategies that will adjust to be effective. People involved in advertising operations create and successfully implement campaign management strategies.
  • Ready employees. There is no need to monitor the advertising technology market or train your employees; outstaffing specialists are ready to work from the first day.
  • Higher Productivity. An outsourced advertising team usually depends on the profits of the company they work for. They are automatically incentivized to perform better.

To sum up

Each company cannot open its advertising platform without a good technological base and experience. Unfortunately, many do not have the necessary expertise and resources for this. Therefore, white-label is a good option for them.

In addition, some companies do not have people who can constantly maintain and optimize the platform’s operation to be profitable. Ad Ops and account managers help here — they are indispensable people. Therefore, we decided to help our customers and partners who need such assistance. We allow them to outsource specialists from us, whom we will select and train specifically for you and your needs.

If you need qualified personnel or assistance with your white label platform, feel free to contact our account manager for a free consultation.

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