Posted on Mar 1, 2023

Making Independent Ad Tech Affordable to Everyone: Introducing SmartHub Basic

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During the last couple of years, the ad tech landscape has made a huge leap; in 2023, the independent ad tech sector faces fierce competition. 

In these realms, those ad tech players that distribute their resources wisely can reap the benefits of smart operational cycles and receive increased profitability as a result. By cutting their expenses on the platform setup and shortening the time between deployment and profit generation, many businesses achieved spectacular results within the last couple of years with SmartHub (as case studies prove). 

The good news is that in 2023, SmartHub, a leading ad tech provider, decided to completely redefine the way ad marketplaces are built — in 2023, the company introduced SmartHub Basic, which equips businesses with the most affordable and flexible way to enter the programmatic business. 

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What do you need to know about SmartHub?

For starters, it’s worth pointing out that SmartHub is one of the pioneers of white-label PaaS solutions. Since 2018, SmartHub has helped numerous businesses create and run independent marketplaces based on the pre-built white-label tech core. Thanks to this concept, companies could rapidly create their solution and enter the markets in a matter of weeks. The white-label solution helped them generate profits much faster than newly-made businesses normally can. 

SmartHub was also the first to realize that such a complex product as a white-label platform requires the owners to understand the basics of ad tech processes and principles of ad tech platform functioning. As knowledge and experience are the keys to successful technology operation, SmartHub wrapped its service concept around providing all-encompassing customer care and support at every possible stage — from platform education to adjusting, optimization, and providing business advice. 

Overall, the SmartHub team has spent more than 10 000 hours designing, adjusting, and building ad tech platforms for clients. The company has more than 150 satisfied clients and a solid reputation as an excellent ad tech provider across regions such as the USA, Europe, Africa, and Asia. 

This way SmartHub enables businesses to create ad solutions that rival ad platform monopolies and walled gardens. By equipping companies with a strong technological core and providing them with controllable, flexible, and crystal-clear systems, SmartHub helps businesses be in the driver’s seat of their solutions. 

SmartHub Basic: more opportunities for everyone

SmartHub regularly updates the platform and rolls out new valuable features (8-10 per month), thanks to which customers receive new opportunities to strengthen and enrich their media-trading opportunities. The businesses create their own media trading rules and set up their terms; they also use in-built leverages according to their objectives to distribute the traffic and progressively move towards success. 

At some point, however, SmartHub pinpointed the new niche for development — diversifying the product and making it available for different categories of customers. By bringing SmartHub Basic to the table, the company aims to help any business effectively launch its solution without paying for functionalities they might not need. 

This way, the new and very competitive option is becoming something everyone can afford — starting with small companies and ending with independent entrepreneurs.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to open SmartHub Basic capabilities for everyone passionate about growing their own advertising business. We believe this move will make SmartHub a top choice among white-label vendors as we try to make our solution closer to our customers of all sizes and budgets,” says Roman Vrublivsky, CEO of SmartHub.

The essence of SmartHub Basic

In a nutshell, the company will offer pretty much similar core functionalities to the full SmartHub version — everything essential for correct marketplace management, analysis, and traffic distribution will be there. 

Main dashboard of SmartHub Basic

To outline the main differences between the two options in short: 

  • There are more options for customizations on the full SmartHub version (domain, SSL, logo, etc.), while the Basic functions under SmartHub’s domain;
  • Data Centers of the full SmartHub version are located in the US East, US West, APAC and Europe regions, and data centers of the SmartHub Basic are located in the US East;
  • Desktop, In-App, Mobile Web, CTV — the ad environments are the same in both options as well as ad types — Banner, Native, Video, Rewarded Video, Audio, Pop, Push;
  • The QPS limit is standard for the Basic option, while in full SmartHub, there are no limits for endpoints and QPS plans;
  • The stats in the basic version are limited to 14 days compared to 3 months of the full version;
  • Connection types available in the Basic option are represented by RTB, VAST, and JS tags for DSP and SSP Settings (while the full SmarHub version has more in stock); 
  • Custom adapters DSP Side: all available on the full SmartHub version  will be available on SmartHub Basic;
  • Built-in filters: all those available on the full SmartHub version are also available on SmartHub Basic;
  • List manager: 20 filter lists with 5000 sources in the Basic option compared to unlimited numbers of lists with 100000 sources per eacht on the full SmartHub version;
  • The incoming traffic logger is here on both options. The Requests & Responses logger is only available on the full SmartHub; 
  • Additional features: Sellers.json and ads.txt are only available on the full SmartHub (as well as mismatch report); 
  • Users will be able to integrate with all the scanners available on bothSmartHub platforms: Pixalate (pre-bid/post-bid), Protected Media (pre-bid/post-bid), Forensiq, GeoEdge, White Ops (post-bid), Fraudlogix (post-bid), Botman (pre-bid/post-bid). TMT (the updated version is coming soon).

This way SmartHub Basic offers almost the same functionalities that enable deploying a fully-functional and market-ready ad tech platform. In case the clients notice that their requirements exceed the standard capacities included in Basic, they will be able to switch to the full SmartHub version that offers more freedom for customizations and extended functionality sets. 

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The last word

A lot of successful ad tech platforms today are based on white-label core, like the one offered by SmartHub. The white-label model makes the dream of building a self-labeled marketplace into reality for many businesses. This way, they can cut time, budget, and expenses associated with platform maintenance. 

SmartHub has decided to march further than that and developed a basic, the most affordable version of its system. SmartHub Basic makes platform deployment available to everyone as it contains all essential components for starting and maintaining a programmatic media-trading ecosystem. Instead of overpaying for capacities they might not need, businesses can focus on the core essentials and grow their platform into a financially successful solution.

Minimum investments, maximum profits: launch your marketplace easily with SmartHub Basic!

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