Posted on Oct 31, 2023

What Is Win Rate Booster, and Why You Need It?

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In the ever-evolving realm of digital advertising, success hinges on your ability to outwit and outmaneuver your competitors, making the optimization of your bidding strategies a mission-critical endeavor. Enter the Win Rate Booster, a technological marvel poised to elevate your auction performance to new heights.

The Win Rate Booster is a sophisticated tool engineered to supercharge your bidding strategy. It goes beyond just considering the bid price, honing in on the historical win rate of your Creative IDs (CRIDs).

This innovative tool takes charge of auctions and chooses the winning bids by prioritizing CRIDs with a stronger win rate. This means that even if a CRID has a lower bid price, it can still secure the win in the auction if it boasts a superior win rate. This approach offers a balanced and strategic means of maximizing your purchasing prowess.

Example Scenario

Let’s explore a real-life situation. Imagine you have two CRIDs with bid prices of $5 and $2. When we utilize the Win Rate Booster, we meticulously assess the WinRates of these CRIDs. If one of them boasts a win rate of 0 while the other possesses a win rate greater than 0, the victor of the auction isn’t determined by the highest bid price; instead, the CRID with the superior win rate prevails.

How to Activate the Win Rate Booster

Enabling the Win Rate Booster is a breeze. You can find the Win Rate Booster toggle conveniently located within the platform’s settings, specifically under General Platform Settings.

To activate this feature, just tick the checkbox to enable the Win Rate Booster, and it will seamlessly integrate into your bidding activities across all SSP endpoints.

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Insights and Recommendations

Our testing reveals that the Win Rate Booster delivers peak performance in scenarios characterized by high demand and a substantial volume of bid responses competing in the auction. Under these conditions, CRIDs with a strong historical win rate are significantly more likely to translate into successful impressions.


If you’re using the Win Rate Booster for the first time, we recommend paying close attention to the following key points:

  • Metric Analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of performance metrics on the designated endpoints to gauge the impact of feature activation on your results;
  • Revenue Insights: Keep a keen eye on your revenue figures and compare them to pinpoint any immediate profitability resulting from the feature’s activation;
  • Share Your Experience: Your feedback is invaluable. Share your observations, insights, and any anomalies you encounter to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of the Win Rate Booster. Your input is crucial for its continuous improvement.
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Key Takeaways

Win Rate Booster: This dynamic tool focuses on historical win rates, not just bid prices, enhancing your bidding strategies.

Data-Driven Success: In high-demand situations, it boosts the chances of CRIDs with strong win rates securing impressions.

Activation Guidance: For first-time users:

  • Analyze metrics to gauge impact;
  • Monitor revenue for immediate gains;
  • Share feedback for continuous improvement.

Digital Advertising Enhancement: Understanding and using the Win Rate Booster effectively can transform your digital advertising success, regardless of your experience level.

We hope this article has helped you understand our new feature. Don’t forget to use it to reach new performance heights on your platforms!

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