Posted on Jun 15, 2022

New! Prebid.Js on SmartHub: How to Use It to Integrate Supply?

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SmartHub has recently introduced audio VAST integration and we’ve reviewed how to use this technology to integrate supply in your marketplace. Today, we are happy to introduce you to Prebid.js integration. In this article we’d like to tell you more about it: how it works, what role it has in the ad serving process, what benefits it offers, and how to configure it in SmartHub to integrate supply. Let’s start with a brief overview of how Prebid came to the ad tech scene.

What Is Prebid.js – a Brief Overview, and Why It Is Popular

Prebid.js is an open-source solution that allows publishers to quickly implement header bidding on websites and mobile apps. Prebid.js provides the most extensive library of efficient adapters to connect publishers to the major advertising platforms. Prebid.js was created at the beginning of 2015 and later turned into a project available to the broad community which means that publishers and bidders regularly make their contributions to it. 

So why was Prebid.js created in the first place? As you might know, header-bidding unified auctions are very advantageous since they create equal conditions for buyers to reach the inventory (due to the fact that they can bid at the same time). Unlike the sequential (waterfall) bidding model, such an auction creates a more competitive environment and this translates into higher incomes for publishers. However, the correct implementation of header-bidding auctions has turned into a challenge for many publishers. In order to overcome latency and poor user experience problems caused by incorrect installation, the community created the Prebid.js web framework to streamline this process. 

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Benefits of Prebid.js

In the past, those entities that had the chance to control header-bidding tech oftentimes prioritized their own demand for a higher margin. However, now, when the code is open-source, the community makes sure that the auctions are unbiased, and, that’s the most obvious advantage of Prebid.js

Additionally, the benefit of Prebid.js is that its core is lightweight, thanks to which it lives up to the reputation of the really excellent header-bidding wrapper. With an advantageous workflow, Prebid.js is responsible for sending bid requests to the right partners, handling the bids they return, sending bids into the ad server, logging events for reporting, and the rest of the important tasks.

Prebid.js provides the most extensive library of efficient adapters to connect publishers to the major advertising platforms which makes it a very convenient integration technology. 

Supply Integration With Prebid.js on SmartHub

The following environments are supported: mobile web and desktop. They are available for banner, native, and video ad formats for the Prebid.js setup with SmartHub as a bidder on the client-side (publisher’s side). 

We registered and added the SmartHub platform to the Prebid.js adapter list and now you can integrate with partners on the supply side and perform as DSP with its own bid adapter. There are 3 required unique parameters that are generated when adding a new endpoint on the Supply-side that are passed to your partners in order to start trading. There are also 3 other optional parameters that can be passed by partner’s request: 

Supply integration with Prebid.js on SmartHub

How to set it up?

The setup process includes several steps:

  • On the SSP side of your SmartHub platform click on New connection 
  • Select Connection Type Prebid.js and complete the standard endpoint setup 
  • Generate endpoint 

When you generate the SSP endpoint via Prebid.js integration, you will see the unique parameters that must be set on the partner’s side in order to start trading. When the endpoint is generated, a unique partner name is set in the parameters, meaning that every SmartHub User works under their own name. Per every endpoint a unique seat and token parameters are generated, that must be passed in the requests along with the partner’s name. The list of Prebid.js bid parameters are in the Endpoint & Stats section inside the SSP endpoint settings. Also you can read more about VAST for audio supply integration.

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Wrapping It Up

Given that the ultimate goal of the media trading process is to generate profits, the maximization of opportunities for this is the main task of the tech platform owner. While connecting suitable supply through robust integration types like Prebid.js SmartHub owners will be able to satisfy the demand for inventory to a great extent and, as a result, increase profits in the long run. 

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