Posted on Nov 11, 2021

On the List of Winners: SmartHub Is a Finalist of the Global Digital Signage Awards 2022

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In October 2020, SmartHub white label ad exchange was recognized as a finalist of the Global Digital Signage Awards. A leading international marketing award features SmartHub among the top 3 options within the “Technical Advances and Innovation in Management Software, Data Integration and AI” category. SmartHub is honored to be listed among the best solutions in the nomination since this award underlines the most prominent and innovative ad tech solutions and companies in the world. 

SmartHub was acknowledged for giving every enterprise the chance to build their own ad tech solution that is easily installed, boosted and scaled upon request. A great client service strategy and a superior traffic adaptive mechanism made SmartHub one of the finest in the programmatic market, empowering our clients to quickly accelerate the capabilities of media-trading. 

“The competition is tough as it brings out the most outstanding technical innovations and recognizes the impressive aspiring projects that change realities for many businesses around the world. We are delighted to see SmartHub among finalists and hope that in the next announcement SmartHub will be called an absolute winner, we all keep fingers crossed for that.”

Roman Vrublivskyi, CEO of SmartHub
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Traffic Adapting Mechanism as an Outstanding Feature of SmartHub

As you might know, SmartHub utilizes the cutting-edge technologies and proprietary tools that enable platform owners to extract maximum value from partners’ traffic so that they could achieve outstanding ROI and payback in months. One of such proprietary tools is called a traffic adaptive mechanism and exactly this feature served as an assessment criteria by the jury in Global Digital Signage Awards. You can delve deeper into this in SmartHub case studies.

The proprietary traffic adapting mechanism (traffic throttling system) makes it possible to match demand with supply more effectively than in other alternative solutions, this way the owners are obtaining much better media-trading outcomes. The adapting mechanism singles out the most relevant traffic from the entire volume and sends it towards the right DSP. The system memorizes the parameters of the bids that were previously sent to DSPs, such as traffic type, OS, device type and bid floor. Consequently, the system evaluates new requests according to the memorized data (keys) and, if there’s a match, gives them the highest priority so DSPs get the traffic they need most.

In SmartHub, 93% of traffic undergoes this kind of optimization, while 7% is unsorted for the sake of learning the new parameters (in case of new demand). In the event that DSP stops the advertising campaign and the bids are no longer there, the mechanism erases the keys in order to prevent sending irrelevant traffic to DSPs. This way, SmartHub’s unique mechanism maximizes bid rate, optimizes it and encourages more deals in the marketplaces, which translates to greater profitability.

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What is Next?

The SmartHub team is proud to be recognized by the Global Digital Signage Awards as it brings a new level of distinction to our solution. Now we are standing in the line with other popular solutions that disrupt the market and bring positive changes in the workflows of many advertising businesses. We hope that the next announcement will bring us the title of the main winner. Meanwhile, the main priority for us is our customers and that’s why we will keep on improving our platform through the set of updates that turn your system into an efficient and profitable media-trading mechanism. 

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