Posted on Apr 14, 2021

SmartHub Integrates with Scalarr Promoting a Safer Ad Ecosystem

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Excellent news for SmartHub owners! Your system has just acquired integration with an irreplaceable tool for keeping your ad ecosystem secure and fraud-resistant: Scalarr scanner.

Scalarr is a renowned anti-fraud solution, highly trusted in the programmatic ecosystem, that is able to recognize and prevent advertising fraud of various origins with laser precision. Being based on machine learning algorithms this scanner can spot the threats across channels and environments, including СTV, mobile web in-app, and desktop web. From now on preventing and eradicating ad fraud from your ad marketplace is a work for Scalarr scanner.

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This collaboration represents our joined strive to establish an advertising ecosystem that is transparent, fraud-free, and ultimately profitable. Fake impressions generated by bots, malicious programs that imitate human behaviors, and elaborated ad fraud schemes yearly consume a large amount of advertising money decreasing the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Luckily, with Scalarr scanner that constantly learns and reveals new fraud patterns ad fraud has no chance to affect the traffic in your system.

How Is It Going to Work?

Scalarr’s fraud detection mechanisms were specifically designed for ad tech ecosystems, it takes into account all possible vulnerabilities and reveals pitfalls for potential threats. Their DeepView™ scanning solution is aimed to eliminate IVT levels, which decreases risks associated with fraud occurrence by recognizing the slightest traffic abnormalities and threat signals on impression level.

With this solution offered at a fair price, all SmartHub owners will be able to safeguard their system and promote an advertising environment that delivers only human-viewable impressions which translate into greater advertising outcomes. It’s time to wave goodbye to the cyber fraud, we are excited about this new integration and delighted by the fact, that this is another great opportunity to make SmartHub better for you!

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