Posted on Oct 29, 2021

APPEALIE has announced SmartHub a winner in the SaaS Customer Success Category

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APPEALIE has announced the winners of the 2021 SaaS Awards and we are excited to share with you great news – SmartHub White Label Ad Exchange came winner in the category of SaaS Customer Success!

“As software becomes more ubiquitous in our work and personal lives, the expectations of the users are continually growing. Our highly selective award honors customer-obsessed SaaS platforms that go above and beyond to deliver extraordinary experiences,” commented Arabella Solaybar of APPEALIE.

Overall SaaS Award winners were selected using Net Promoter Scores™ (NPS), UI/UX, recent product improvements, 3rd party analyst research, amongst other criteria. The assessment of the SaaS Customer Success Award Category participants was based on the provided measurable data. We provided documentation, case studies, and success stories which proved that with technology like SmartHub customers easily achieve desired advertising outcomes.

We deeply appreciate the APPEALIE SaaS Award. Being the SaaS Customer Success Award Winner is a strong motivation for the SmartHub team to proceed with our best customer success practices as we become better every day. We would like to dedicate this win to our wonderful clients, as only their ad tech business developing determines our success”, said SmartHub`s Chief Commercial Officer, Roman Vrublivskyi.

Read details about the award here.

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