Posted on May 18, 2022

SmartHub Client Success Recap: Valuable Insights for the Last 5 Months

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What does it take to create a successful ad exchange? Choosing a strong technological core and ensuring the stable work of the overall platform is a must, however, it is only the first underlining factor that influences the marketplace performance. 

We’ve interviewed our clients who run their own ad exchanges based on SmartHub technology (across different QPS plans) to reveal how they reach success and what is the anatomy of their performance: the ad formats, and traffic types that work best for their marketplaces. Want to find out how to make the most of your SmartHub too? Then, let’s review the stats and make some outcomes. 

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November 2021

As the picture shows, starting from November 2021 in-app banner traffic generated the biggest part of ad impressions (98300327), and the profits alongside them (19,873.90). The second best in terms of the number of served impressions appears to be in-app video (92867619) although the profits they generated were substantially higher (116,184.95).

November in-app banner traffic in SmartHub

That’s what was true for the overall picture in November. Now let’s see what trends we have for every taken QPS plan. For 20K plan, in-app banner also accounted for a great number of served ad impressions (51101014) with profits of (12,383.21). Again, in-app video accounted for fewer impressions (15664066) but higher profits (19,204.34). The same tendency you can observe for the 50K.

At the same time what we can see in the 100K plan is, that marketplaces with bigger capacities obtain the biggest profits (81,309.36),  which accounts for 60% of all profits generated by all other plans altogether. With the bigger capacities, media trading is happening on a larger scale and thus, more traffic is getting purchased in the ad exchange. 

December 2021

In December 2021 in-app banner is still the leader of served ad impressions (120825336) with generated profits that reached the bar of (27,814.84). Meantime, the in-app video generated fewer impressions (27276124) so the profits a bit declined (26,387.91).

December in-app banner traffic in SmartHub

10K QPS plan platforms earned (8,839.51) profits after serving (55456596) in-app banner impressions. 20K plan platforms got (11,087.79) profits and served (41754288) in-app banner impressions. Quite the same profits they received from serving in-app videos (11,608.34) but in smaller quantity (13720778).

30K plans achieved profits of (7,887.54) by serving (23614452) in-app banner impressions. 50K platforms made a stake on in-app video and achieved (14,779.57) profits after serving (13555346) impressions. In this case, their profits accounted for almost 27% of overall profits generated by all platforms. 

January 2022

In January 2022, in-app banner traffic is again the absolute leader in served impressions (114425530), it generated (16,468.31) profits which, however, is humble in comparison to in-app banner video: (42,758.46) profits and (72925990) impressions respectively. 

January in-app banner traffic in SmartHub

The platforms running on 10K plans focused on the in-app banner and obtained (6,367.09) profits out of (47712538) impressions. 20K has pretty similar results with an in-app banner format. 30K platforms served (25610346) impressions in the in-app video category. 50K platforms also generated (9,691.14) profits by serving (11201026) in-app video ads. Likewise, 100K platforms achieved (15,180.90) profits with (36114618) in-app video impressions (which accounts for 26% of total profits generated by all QPS platforms across formats). 

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February 2022

In February 2022 we can see almost the same picture – in-app video traffic accounts for the biggest part of generated profits (33,235.75) but a smaller number of served impressions (47960951), while in-app banner gets better reach for the campaigns with (67927849) impressions. In February in-app banner generated (13,825.01) profits.

February in-app banner traffic in SmartHub

For 20K plans in-app banner generated (7,228.34) profits with (39990383) served impressions, which resembles the picture achieved by 30K plans in the in-app banner category. For the in-app video the revenues are slightly higher.

The revenues of (11,477.07) were generated by 50K plans in the in-app category. The 100K plans made the most out of in-app banner format by serving (30966241) impressions and gaining (13,369.44) profits (which account for 28% of total profits generated by all QPS platforms across formats). 

March 2022

The freshest period of our observation again proves that the biggest number of ad impressions were served in the in-app banner category (120002983) in comparison to (41970777) in-app video. Thanks to such a number of achieved impressions the profits across formats almost evened out: (29,227.26) for in-app banners and (29,229.52) for in-app videos. 

March in-app banner traffic in SmartHub

10K plans achieved (4,672.11) profits by serving (28342730) in-app banner impressions. 20K plans served (34812209) in-app banner impressions and doubled the profits by this (8,543.49). 30K plans were able to make (6,993.05) out of (29604081) served impressions. 50K plans gained (9,018.61) profits with (27243963) in-app banner impressions and (14,740.81) profits with (13977928) in-app video impressions this March. The platforms running on 100K QPS plans obtained profits of (14,488.71) by running (27992849) impressions only across in-app video format. 

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Important Conclusions to Draw

Taking a closer look at the dynamics of the media trading that spans the last 5 months, we can drive several important conclusions:

  • Traffic type and profits depend on the partners you integrate. The profit each format generates has no steady increasing/decreasing trend throughout the period – performance from format to format varies because every platform integrates different parters. These partners have different traffic requirements, some might need only in-app video, the others only in-app banner, or both. 
  • Media trading focus depends on your demand. 10K QPS platforms focused on serving in-app banner traffic. While 20K QPS platforms showed an inclination towards in-app banner traffic too. 30K QPS platforms served both formats throughout these months. 50K focused entirely on in-app videos as well as 100K plans. This indicates that various marketplaces have integrated various types of demand partners that actively purchase particular traffic. 
  • All formats have their benefits. Across various QPS plans, it gets noticeable that in-app video media trading usually generates more income, however, an in-app banner can provide a better reach since this format is one of the most popular ones, thus, it gets the most ad impressions. 
  • Success depends on the correct operation and QPS plan. The higher the QPS plan, the more income the marketplace can usually generate from media trading (because the capacity allows a more intense workload). At the same time, In case the SmartHub owner correctly distributes the traffic, demand partners obtain and purchase the right traffic easily. This way even with a smaller 10K, 20K, or 30K plan the marketplace becomes efficient and drives a lot of profits (see January 2022, when the 30K plan gained the biggest 30% share of profits among other plans). 

The Last Word

Pinpointing the secret of success can be tricky, especially when we talk about technology operation. Even technology installation can take a lot of costs, but the biggest part of this cost is attributed to the high level of expertise that is required to adjust the platform correctly. The expertise on how to use technology and make strategic decisions when they are needed will also play an important role after the platform installation. Exactly these factors will influence the success of the operation the most. 

Today we’ve reviewed some of the successful results that our clients achieved with SmartHub. We’ve analyzed some of the numbers and made the outcomes of how to make the most of your marketplace. If you want your marketplace to be one of those successful examples, don’t forget to analyze and optimize your environment with available functionality delivered in SmartHub 2.0 version, integrate great partners, safeguard the traffic, and precisely manage the traffic distribution to steadily lead your platform to success. 

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