Posted on Oct 13, 2021

New! Integrate Supply Partners With Prebid Server and Perform as DSP

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Recently we have released an update about the Prebid server-to-server demand integration on SmartHub. In this article, we’ve explained how the Prebid server works as an open-source for server-to-server header bidding. The main point – integration of the Prebid server is run on a server that is fast, scalable, and distributed. From now on the Prebid server integration in your SmartHub is also available for supply! How is it going to work and what are the benefits of such integration? Let’s sort it out step by step.

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Server-to-server Supply Integration: How It Works

We registered and added the SmartHub platform to the bid adapter list so now you can integrate with partners on the supply side and perform as DSP with its own bid adapter. 

There are 3 unique parameters that are generated when adding a new endpoint on the supply side. They are passed to your partners in order to initiate trading. Here are the SmartHub Prebid Server Bid parameters that must be passed in the requests:

prebid server bid params on smarthub

How to Get Started?

Here’s how you can set up supply Prebid server connection on SmartHub Platform:

1. Go to the SSP side on your SmartHub platform, and generate a new connection.

2. Select Connection Type Pre-bid and complete the standard endpoint set up.

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When you generate the SSP endpoint via Prebid Server integration, you will see the unique parameters that must be set on the supply partner’s side in order to start trading.

When the endpoint is generated, a unique partner name is set in the parameters, meaning that every SmartHub user works under their own name. 

A unique seat and token parameters are generated per every endpoint. They must be passed in the requests along with the partner’s name. On the screenshot below, you can see the list of Prebid server bid parameters that will be contained in the Endpoint & Stats section inside the SSP endpoint settings:

endpoint and stats on smarthub

To Wrap It Up

Prebid Server is a great technology for maintaining fast, scalable, and distributed header-bidding auctions. That’s why we are happy to introduce Prebid integration for supply in today’s update. This will enable you to integrate supply with Prebid Server while your system performs as DSP. This will provide you with greater media-trading choices so that you could extend opportunities and reach higher profits.

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For more information and assistance with Prebid Server supply integration, please contact your Account Manager on SmartHub and they will be happy to help you.

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