Posted on Oct 5, 2022

Top Ad Formats on SmartHub 2.0 That Make Advertising More Efficient

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Any business owner is constantly thinking about how to increase their profitability. At SmartHub, we are also constantly thinking about how to make our platform the most effective and useful for our clients. That’s why the new version SmartHub 2.0 makes the top advertising formats even more attractive.

When our partners migrated from SmartHub v1 to SmartHub v2 (April-July 2022), revenue analysis shows that their average ad revenue growth was 102.65%, and their average daily revenue growth was 98.45%.

It’s all because the new version SmartHub 2.0 has improved its functionality, which makes it more efficient and cost-effective to use. If you haven’t already switched to the version SmartHub 2.0, you should at least think about it. In the meantime, we’ll tell you which ad formats are the hottest this year.

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CTV ads are ads that are displayed through streaming services on connected devices. Most often this device is a smart TV, but it can also be a laptop or even a smartwatch. 

Today, it is one of the most profitable advertising formats because according to Statista, in 2022 92% of households are already available for programmatic advertising through CTV devices. At the same time, the number of CTV users reached 110 million milestones this year among Generation Z and Millennials (who are currently the most paying audience).

76% of U.S. marketers consider CTV advertising a must-buy format for the near future. U.S. CTV viewers, on the other hand, mostly said they prefer to watch content with ads at a lower price point than content without ads at a higher price point. In addition, some of those surveyed who use linear TV said they would also prefer to watch ads and pay less.

And it turns out that the CTV format is profitable for marketers because it has unprecedentedly high coverage, and users are not yet tired of it, therefore, they treat it quite favorably.

What kind of advertisement can be set up on CTV?

In-Stream Video Ads: small video ads up to 30 seconds long. Usually, they are integrated at the beginning or at the end of a streaming video, the user cannot skip or scroll past them.

Interactive Ads: ads that the user can interact with. Links, QR codes, promo codes, and other interactive elements are often added to such commercials.

Home Screen Ads: these ads appear on the CTV device’s home screen. Commonly, they are static images or short clips, as such ads are not shown for a long time.

In-app Video

These are ads that are shown in mobile apps. This kind of advertising is often used by mobile game developers, but it’s also great for other app formats.

The number of downloads of mobile apps has grown a lot in recent years and in 2021 it reached 230 billion. Right now, in-app advertising is the most popular way to monetize apps around the world. In 2021, advertising accounted for the largest share of app market revenue, with more than $208 billion generated through this method of monetization.

According to Q1 2021 surveys, 36% of respondents believe that video with rewards is the most acceptable format for in-app advertising. At the same time, U.S. users prefer banners and video ads as the format they don’t mind seeing in the app.

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What kind of ads can be set up in a mobile app?

Banner ads: these are usually static pictures placed at the bottom or top of the screen. It’s very similar to a standard media banner ad but in-app.

Playable Video: these are ads in video format. It is often used to advertise games to show the user the gameplay, but it can also be used to advertise any other goods and services. A link can also be attached to the video.

Rewarded Video: ads that allow the user to get a reward from the app (more commonly used for gaming apps). Usually, for watching such ads, the user can get in-game resources, a portion of what might be available with a paid subscription, or any other features the app can provide.

Banner In-app

One of the simplest types of advertising in applications. Banner advertising, also called display advertising, consists of static or animated images or media and is usually placed in high-visibility areas on high-traffic websites. This kind of ad refers to the use of a rectangular graphic display that stretches across the top, bottom, or sides of a website or online media. Banners can be set up so that they are periodically updated.

Mobile banner advertising is projected to reach approximately 152.6 million U.S. dollars by 2025, increasing from around 63 million U.S. dollars that were registered in 2017, based on Statista.

These are the main cross-device ad types for programmatic:

  • Standard banner ad: Appears on the top or sides of web pages and is available in many different sizes.
  • Native banner ad: “Recommended” or “sponsored” content. Match the look and be relevant to the rest of the media on a page.
  • Rich media banner: Interactive, highly visual animation like a pushdown, expandable, or carousel unit. Invite the user to engage with your ad.

Advertisers are attracted to this type of advertising because it is cheap, so it is often ordered to test a new campaign or reach the maximum available target audience. Thanks to the uncomplicated integration in the application, banners are suitable for short-term advertising campaigns. The main thing is that the ad unit should not overlap the main content – otherwise the user will be outraged.

Don’t forget to set the optimal frequency of changing banners. In the case they change very often, a user simply won’t have time to notice or read them, and if they take too long, the user will simply stop noticing them.

To be continued 

SmartHub continues to evolve and in the future, we will provide you with new, even more, convenient versions of the platform and continue to support the most modern, profitable, and creative advertising formats. 

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Don’t forget about updating to SmartHub 2.0 and move to this platform, because it’s really profitable, and here’s the proof — cooler than the previous version.

Stay in touch with us, and make advertising so that it generates the best revenue possible!

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