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Targeting lies at the heart of programmatic advertising success. SmartHub understands its pivotal role, and to boost the performance of your White Label platform, we've incorporated a diverse range of types of targeting.

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Traffic type

SmartHub empowers its owners with a comprehensive approach to tailor the traffic types that the ad exchange will support. The versatility of SmartHub is highlighted by its ability to cater to diverse traffic types, offering a flexible and highly customizable ecosystem. Let's delve into these traffic types to understand the spectrum of possibilities:

  • Desktop;
  • In-App;
  • Mobile Web;
  • CTV (Connected TV).

In addition to specifying which traffic types are supported, SmartHub owners have the unique advantage of configuring each endpoint, whether it is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) or Supply-Side Platform (SSP). This level of control allows owners to dictate what types of targeted advertising traffic will be procured or sold through their partner connections.

Ad Format

SmartHub offers an intricate canvas for ad format customization, granting owners the power to shape and define the ad formats that will flourish within their ad exchange.

In addition to the freedom to select and personalize ad formats, SmartHub takes it a notch higher by enabling owners to fine-tune these formats for individual partner connections. Whether it's a DSP or SSP, SmartHub's advanced tools allow you to fine-tune the ad format parameters to align seamlessly with your ad exchange strategy.

Ad Sizes

SmartHub's commitment to customization extends to ad sizes and dimensions, allowing owners to craft a captivating visual experience that aligns seamlessly with their brand identity.

Similarly, SmartHub extends its capabilities by enabling owners to customize ad sizes for every partner connection, whether it's a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) or Supply-Side Platform (SSP). This level of precision guarantees that your ad exchange is not just aesthetically pleasing but also strategically fine-tuned for maximizing both engagement and better conversions.

Your selections, coupled with the adaptability to customize them for every partner connection, transform SmartHub into a versatile platform that empowers you to create a compelling visual experience and boost your brand's visibility in the ever-changing online advertising arena.


SmartHub's commitment to customization goes beyond ad formats and sizes. It extends to geo-targeting methods, providing owners with the tools to finely adjust their advertising approach for precise audience engagement.

SmartHub takes geo-targeting a step further by enabling owners to configure geo-settings for each partner connection during installation. This means you can tailor geo-targeting parameters for each Demand-Side Platform (DSP) or Supply-Side Platform (SSP) connection. When DSPs request traffic, the geo-information they provide is processed seamlessly within your customized setup.

Sources and Publisher IDs

SmartHub empowers Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) to navigate the intricate web of traffic with finesse, thanks to the extensive capabilities related to sources and Publisher IDs. Let's explore how you can harness the power of these features to target and fine-tune traffic on SmartHub.

SmartHub opens the door to highly targeted advertising by allowing DSPs to specify certain sources and Publisher IDs for their campaigns. This enables you to customize your advertising strategy to reach your desired audience segments, ensuring your message is delivered precisely where it matters most.

Connection type

SmartHub recognizes that not all connections are created equal, and it empowers media buyers with the capability to optimize their advertising for various connection speeds and types. Let's delve into this essential feature and understand how it can be leveraged to fine-tune your ad campaigns.

Ensuring that their content performs seamlessly on high-speed broadband connections is crucial for media buyers. SmartHub's connection ad targeting type allows you to focus on users with robust Internet connections, ensuring that your rich media, high-definition content, and data-intensive ads are delivered without a hitch.

Device OS targeting

The ability to reach the right audience on the right device is an essential ingredient for the success of any ad campaign. At SmartHub, we recognize the paramount importance of achieving this synergy, and we've incorporated robust Device OS targeting capabilities into our platform. This ensures that advertisers can finely calibrate their campaigns to specific operating systems, providing a highly relevant and engaging user experience.

Device OS targeting on SmartHub represents a key pillar in the art of creating user-centric advertising campaigns. By optimizing your content for the operating systems preferred by your audience, you're not just delivering ads – you're building connections on a personal level. And this often proves to be the secret sauce for digital advertising success.

Player size

By selecting the optimal player size for your audience, you can ensure that your message is delivered in the most effective and engaging manner. Here, we explore the significance of Player Size targeting and how SmartHub seamlessly supports this crucial feature.

Whether it's a compact player for quick interactions or a full-screen experience for immersive viewing, the player size plays a pivotal role in user engagement. SmartHub equips you with the tools to select the ideal player size for different scenarios, ensuring that your content is not only seen but thoroughly appreciated. As a SmartHub owner, you can configure and customize player size settings for specific demand partners when configuring an endpoint.

Price Limit

Achieving a balance between profitability and cost control is often the essence of a successful advertising campaign. It allows you to specify the ideal price range per impression, ensuring that your campaigns remain financially sustainable while delivering strong returns. By defining a price range, you can optimize your budget allocation and maximize your campaign's reach and impact.

Price Limit is a strategic tool in your arsenal, ensuring that your ad campaigns are not only profitable but also cost-effective. It's about finding that sweet spot where your campaigns thrive without overspending, enhancing your ROI and overall advertising effectiveness.

Hyper-Precise Targeting
With SmartHub – White Label Ad Tech Solution

SmartHub stands as a pioneering white label ad network, offering a rapid entry point into the ad tech arena.

Backed by attentive assistance, expert advice, and innovative cost-saving technology,
SmartHub provides a potent amalgamation that propels businesses toward remarkable achievements.

Check out what we do to help our customers:
  • With SmartHub, Feeltapmedia built ad exchange in 7 days, achieved 31% ROI and 28% revenue growth in 3 months;
  • With SmartHub, Phonder grew its revenue by 87.47% and upscaled to 200K QPS in 1 year;
  • With SmartHub, Take1ads gets 585% revenue and 571% ROI in 4 months;
  • Roqoon Media deploys SmartHub, reaching 262% revenue growth in 3 months.


  • How do I set up targeting parameters on SmartHub?

    Setting up targeting parameters on SmartHub is straightforward. Navigate to your account settings, access the "Targeting" section, and choose from a range of options such as geo-targeting, device OS, ad format, and more. Define your criteria to precisely reach your desired audience. Once configured, these parameters ensure your ads are delivered with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Can I combine multiple targeting options for a single campaign?

    Absolutely! SmartHub allows you to combine multiple targeting options within a single campaign. You can blend geo-targeting, device OS, ad format, and more to create highly customized ad campaigns that reach your ideal audience with precision and relevance. This flexibility ensures your campaigns are finely tuned to your specific goals.

  • Is it possible to adjust targeting parameters after a campaign has started?

    Yes, on SmartHub, you can adjust targeting parameters even after a campaign has started. This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your campaign targeting in real time, making adjustments based on performance and evolving goals to optimize your ad strategy and maximize results.

  • How can I monitor the performance of my targeted campaigns on SmartHub?

    Monitoring the performance of your targeted campaigns on SmartHub is easy. Simply access the campaign dashboard, where you'll find detailed analytics, including impressions, clicks, conversions, and more. Use these insights to evaluate your campaign's effectiveness and make informed real-time adjustments for optimal results.

  • How does SmartHub ensure privacy and compliance with data protection regulations when using targeting options?

    SmartHub prioritizes privacy and compliance. We adhere to strict data protection regulations and employ anonymization techniques to safeguard user information. Our targeting options are designed to respect privacy, using aggregated and non-identifiable data to ensure that personal information remains confidential and secure, in full compliance with privacy and data protection regulations.

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