Mobupps made 371% ROI and 207% profit growth after deploying SmartHub

  • Profit growth


  • 371% ROI growth

    in 6 months

  • QPS scale tripled

    in the US East

Since its inception in 2008, Mobupps has been providing its clients with highly targeted, KPI-driven advertising services. With their iRTB stack (full-stack programmatic solution), Mobupps boasts a global presence — they have 1.3M unique users, 600+ direct advertisers, and 4500+ app publishers onboard.

Mobupps was looking for a robust technology that would allow them to easily gain RTB capacities, which, in turn, would allow them to drastically increase the efficiency of automated media trading. As their traffic only expanded, Mobupps realized a need to enter RTB capacities as soon as possible, and adopting a white-label platform was the easiest way to do it.

Among the goals of Mobupps while working with SmartHub were:

  • 100% profit increase within 7 months;
  • achieving steady monthly ROI growth from 500%;
  • attracting more direct demand and supply partners into the SSP;
  • increasing QPS capacities across geos in order to boost the volumes of media trading;
  • acquire different QPS plans for various regions, including the US East and APAC.

The SmartHub team devised a people-oriented software deployment approach tailored to facilitate a smooth transition to real-time bidding, offering seamless integration support and ensuring the successful achievement of Mobupps’ goals.

SmartHub has provided Mobupps with several individual features development as part of SSP customization:

  • custom adapter — for seamless connection of super high-profile SSP and DSP partners that enables connecting endpoints with unique requirements effortlessly;
  • custom billing model — to standardize the billing mechanism and make it compliant with the latest updates to the OpenRTB specification.

Download the case study to examine in detail how SmartHub’s cutting-edge technology and Mobupps’ approach have helped achieve the client’s goals and which key benefits and indirect advantages the client has received.

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