StreamKey made profit growth 2 times in 2 months with adaptive margin on SmartHub

  • Profit growth

    2 times in 2 months

  • Platform upscaling

    from 10K to 20K QPS in 1 month

  • Boost of ROI

    with adaptive margin

Utilizing unique optimization and targeting technology, StreamKey TV aids advertisers, publishers, and content owners in optimizing profits and performance on any connected device.

StreamKey was actively seeking a dependable platform that not only provided competitive pricing but also boasted the versatility to effortlessly integrate with a wide array of systems. Their central concern predominantly revolved around managing costs and ensuring that monthly minimums were met without straining their budget.

Among the goals of StreamKey while working with SmartHub were:

  • seamless integration of supply partners;
  • scaling QPS with the help of adaptive margin;
  • custom developments for enhanced performance;
  • reaching payback within 2 months;
  • scaling QPS up to 20K;
  • range margin on the SSP side only: 25-100%.

The SmartHub team devised a people-oriented software deployment approach in response to StreamKey's communicated business needs. This approach is tailored to ensure the achievement of StreamKey's goals by offering seamless integration support and facilitating a smooth transition to Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

Additionally, SmartHub offered StreamKey to use such an exclusive and powerful feature as adaptive margin, designed to enhance the platform's revenue by selecting the most optimal margin type. This functionality incorporates several crucial components:

  • data analysis and calculation: SmartHub conducts data analysis to calculate the ideal margin for various types of traffic;
  • utilizing adaptive margin in trading: adaptive margin is integrated into the trading process and is part of the platform's learning mechanism.

The adaptive margin is based on the self-learning mechanism that takes into account such components as data analysis and calculation of the optimal margin for different traffic types and ad formats. The system takes the recommended margins from the most successful net transactions within 24 hours.

As a result, the company obtained the following achievements:

  • migrated to the new marketplace within a few weeks;
  • ROI increased to 1637%;
  • profit increased 2 times;
  • increased platform capacity (from 10K to 20K), which entailed ROI.

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