A New Standard for Building, Growing,
and Scaling Your Ad Exchange

Right technologies + right people are the key SmartHub components that make it easier to streamline ad tech platform set up, maintenance, and further development.

Supports All Ad Formats
and Traffic Types

Power up your network with most trending ad formats and traffic types, including rewarded video, CTV, and audio.

Traffic Types
and Ad Formats

  • Desktop
  • In-App
  • Mobile Web
  • CTV
  • image Banner
  • image Video
  • image Audio
  • image Native
  • image Push
  • image Pop
  • image CTV

For Supply and
Demand Partners

Maximize opportunities in your marketplace by connecting all kinds of supply and demand partners

  • Supply Partners
    • Direct Publishers
    • Networks and Affiliates
    • Traffic Aggregators
    • Adservers
    • SSPs and traffic resellers
  • Demand Partners
    • DSPs
    • Exchanges

Supply and Demand
Integration Options

Use a variety of integration types to connect your demand and supply partners smoothly.

  • Demand-Partner Integration
    • OpenRTB 2.5
    • ‘VAST to RTB’, ‘VAST to VAST’, and ‘VAST To All’ trading variants are available
    • DSP connectors for specific integrations
    • JS tags
    • Header-bidding
  • Supply-Partner Integration
    • OpenRTB 2.5
    • ‘VAST to RTB’, ‘VAST to VAST’, and ‘VAST To All’ trading variants are available
    • JS tags
    • Header-bidding

Privacy Compliant & Secured
Data Processing

Benefit from a marketplace fully compliant with latest data processing standards and international privacy regulations (GDPR, TCF 2.0, CCPA, COPPA, Sellers.json).

  • processing img
  • processing img
  • processing img
  • processing img
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Advanced Traffic & Demand
Scanning Protection

Apply the best ad tech traffic scanners to keep your marketplace safe and quality-focused on both supply and demand sides.

  • Supply Partners
    • Pixalate prebid post-bid
    • Protected Media prebid post-bid
    • Forensiq
    • Botman prebid post-bid
    • WhiteOps we can set up pixel on back-end
  • Demand Partners
    • TMT
      coming soon
    • GeoEdge

Traffic Filtering & Targeting for
Well-Adjusted Media-Trading

Refine the traffic in your marketplace by leveraging filtering options, magnify the performance of network ad campaigns with suitable targeting types.

Targeting Types
  • Traffic type
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Sizes and Geo
  • Sources and Publisher Ids
  • Connection type
  • Device OS targeting and more
  • Player size
  • Price Limit
Traffic Filtering
  • Mismatched IPs and Bundles throttling
  • IFA and IPv4 missing requests throttling
  • Secured traffic filtering
  • Adult traffic filtering
  • Blocked CRIDs
  • Blocked categories
  • Geo
  • Price limit/Price filtering
  • Traffic volume filtering
  • Content category filtering
  • SSP/DSP/Publishers white and black lists
  • Blocked domains (ADM)
  • Mismatched IPs and Bundles throttling
  • Ipv6 traffic filtering

Auto Optimization Machine Learning Mechanisms &
Easy Platform Administration

Streamline and automate processes based on ML-based tools and algorithms, make the most of your traffic while continuously boosting ad exchange performance.

    • Traffic distribution adaptive mechanism
    • Traffic logging
    • Traffic activity overview tool
    • Real-time dashboards to control traffic flow
    • Endpoints management
    • Monthly, Daily, Hourly Statistics and Data Analytics
    • Global Blacklist
    • Ads.txt generation
    • Sellers.json and Schain Management

How Our Customers Grow
Businesses With SmartHub

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SmartHub for us is the next programmatic technology advance that worked as a key trigger of our ad business take-off. It provides visibility and control over performance, budgets, partners, and most importantly, it gives us leverages to fine-tune and tailor the media-trading process so that it generates high profits and ROI. SmartHub is the only solution that enables building such an efficient platform in a mere week.

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Technology Recognized Worldwide

For outstanding service team and technology SmartHub was highly praised by international awards.

  • titan
    TITAN Business Awards 2021

    Customer Service - Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy

    Gold Winner

  • titan

    SaaS Customer Success Category


  • titan
    Global Digital Signage Awards

    Technical Advances and Innovation in Management Software, Data Integration and AI


  • titan
    ExchangeWire Award

    Best Client Services Team


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