BidderMob has increased ROI to 319% and upscaled to 100K QPS with SmartHub

  • Migrated to the new marketplace

    in a few weeks

  • ROI growth


  • Platform upscaling

    from 10K to 100K QPS

BidderMob faced a major challenge in scaling their oRTB banner business before working with SmartHub. The client had high expectations for smooth expansion and improved performance, but the platform's capabilities did not meet their expectations, leading to various obstacles and frustrations.

Although the BidderMob team was looking to reach a wider audience and increase engagement, the limitations of the platform prevented it from achieving the desired level of scalability and efficiency. Other technical issues led to glitches and inefficiencies in the workflow of the client and took away valuable time and resources that could have been better invested in strategic planning and implementation.

As BidderMob embarks on its collaboration with SmartHub, several primary goals have been identified to ensure a successful partnership and enhance overall performance:

  • Seamless integration of supply and demand partners;
  • Gradual scaling of QPS in a cost-effective manner;
  • Custom developments for enhanced performance;
  • Diversification of the display banner business.

The SmartHub team devised a people-oriented software deployment approach tailored to facilitate a smooth transition to real-time bidding, offering seamless integration support and ensuring the successful achievement of BidderMob's goals.

SmartHub platforms come equipped with a host of valuable features meticulously designed to align seamlessly with each customer's specific requirements and ensure optimal functionality.

The inherent flexibility of SmartHub platforms empowers the client to swiftly integrate supplementary features that might not be part of the standard repertoire. This adaptability underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions catering to each customer's distinct objectives and aspirations.

Download the case study to examine in detail how SmartHub's cutting-edge technology and BidderMob's astute approach to positioning played a pivotal role in the solution's swift success, further solidifying BidderMob's position in the market.

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