ExplorAds made 487% ROI and doubled the revenue in 4 months after deploying SmartHub

  • ROI growth


  • Building ad exchange

    in 7 days

  • Payback

    in 1 month

Since ExplorAds - an ad network specializing in traffic monetization and supports various formats of ads - started their business in 2016, they have already built trusting relationships with renowned and proven supply and demand partners. More so, they planned to start several solutions to create unique marketplaces for their sub-companies — Nativiser and Similarrate.

ExplorAds planned to achieve:

  • payback in several months after installing the platform for Similarrate
  • multiplying ROI and revenues
  • setting up a second marketplace for Nativiser and reaching the same performance results on it

The specifics of SmartHub’s strategy for ExplorAds was in a people-based software deployment approach that distinguishes SmartHub's solution from many competitors. The SmartHub team provided the following steps: setup organization, partner integration, fine-tuning, onboarding, and ongoing support & consultations.

  • The payback for the Similarrate ad exchange happened in 2 months. ROI reached 479% in a year.
  • The payback for Nativiser was reached already in the first month on the platform. ROI reached 487% just in 4 months.

Thus, with SmartHub, ExplorAds created self-branded and profitable ad exchanges that were deployed, fully adjusted, and customized in a week.

Download the full case study to examine in detail:

  • how does SmartHub's strategy correlate with the client's goals;
  • how technology and people strategies were implemented step-by-step (client`s onboarding stages and post-installation optimizations);
  • client’s contribution to the overall performance boost;
  • key benefits that the client obtained after SmartHub installation.
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