With SmartHub Feeltapmedia built ad exchange in 7 days, achieved 31% ROI and 28% revenue growth in 3 months

  • Building ad exchange

    7 days

  • Revenue growth


  • ROI growth


Before adopting new technology from SmartHub, Feeltapmedia was working with another adx technology, which, however, couldn't fully satisfy their needs. The main problems that Feeltapmedia faced with the previous solution were too high server costs and insufficient technical capacities.

In order to optimize costs, the new platform had to have leverages for traffic distribution and management, in the previous solution such leverages were missing.

Feeltapmedia decided to migrate from its current solution to white-label technology that facilitates the creation of complex programmatic solutions.

Based on the business needs communicated by Feeltapmedia, the SmartHub team developed a people-oriented software deployment approach thanks to which it was possible to unfold an efficient RTB environment quickly and effortlessly. Technical assistance and comprehensive onboarding for the client were the two key components that defined the process.

From the technical side, the SmartHub team provided full dev support, partner integration support, UI personalization, and third-party data-provider integrations. Comprehensive onboarding assistance, in turn, increasingly accelerated the speed of new technology adoption by the client and the market entrance altogether.

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  • How the client got rid of operational struggles after quick migration to a new solution, decreased server costs, connected new demand and supply partners, achieved revenue ramp up during the first 3 months, and started supporting more ad formats.
  • How Feeltapmedia implemented the technological core of the marketplace with all necessary prebuilt modules, integrations, and UI personalization.
  • How technology and people strategies were implemented step-by-step (client`s onboarding stages and post-installation optimizations).
  • Key benefits that the client obtained after SmartHub installation (including qualitative attributes).
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