With SmartHub Phonder grown its revenue by 87.47% and upscaled to 200K QPS in 1 year

  • Deployment time

    7 days

  • Revenue growth


  • Platform upscaling


After deploying, branding, and customizing SmartHub, Phonder successfully launched a programmatic ad exchange that in a short time grows to become a financially successful solution. Thanks to the pre-built core and the additional layer of customer care (during the deployment, integration, customization, onboarding) Phonder could adapt to the market faster, and thus, accelerate the process of revenue generation.

In addition to this, Phonder could achieve the following qualitative improvements: make media-trading transparent (get the ability to monitor statistics and see the logs), increase the media-trading effectiveness (with automatic optimization and traffic throttling). In several months Phonder increased the volumes of sold traffic and upscaled the platform to a 200K QPS plan.

Unique technology, attentive support team, and Phonder’s contribution to the overall performance boost resulted in the quick achievement of the initial goals.

Download the full case study to examine:

  • The specifics of platform installation for the client
  • Strategies for post-installation optimizations that were applied
  • Key benefits and indirect advantages that the client obtained after installation
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