With SmartHub Take1ads gets 585% revenue and 571% ROI in 4 months

  • Revenue Growth


  • ROI


  • Payback

    4 months

After deploying SmartHub in 1 month Take1ads enters the programmatic market with a new solution and achieves all desired marketplace KPIs in 4 months. The pre-built marketplace helps Take1ads to significantly reduce the costs and accelerates the deployment process. This, in turn, helps platform owners to capitalize faster and achieve spectacular results faster. Smarthub team performed a progressive installation that included satisfying additional on-demand requests (to better tailor the solution), advanced customer care, and comprehensive onboarding.

The well-thought-through marketplace and traffic management approach of Take1ads and comprehensive SmartHub implementation strategy resulted in the quick achievement of the client’s goals.

Download the full case study to see how success was achieved and implementation planned step-by-step:

  • Modules and functionalities implemented for the client and their application
  • How strategy was built and suited for the client
  • Steps that were taken to accelerate marketplace performance
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