Touсan Ads achieved 292% ROI in 6 months with SmartHub

  • Increased profits by 4494%

    in 7 months

  • Upscaled to 30K QPS

    in 6 months

  • Payback

    in 3.5 months

Toucan Ads is a renowned advertising technology company whose commitment to delivering outstanding results has led them to develop advanced machine learning software, revolutionizing the digital media landscape.

One of the distinctive aspects of this client's situation was their lack of prior experience in working with RTB platforms before engaging with SmartHub. So our dedicated team faced the challenge of creating a comprehensive development strategy from scratch. Starting from the ground up allowed us to tailor every aspect of the platform to align with the client's unique business goals and target audience.

Toucan Ads planned to:

  • find the optimal approach to capitalize on their potential in the RTB market
  • get an outstaffing AdOps specialist trained and prepared specifically for them to achieve the maximum benefits in the shortest time
  • reach a payback within 3-3,5 months
  • gain at least double ROI and profit growth within six months
  • achieve 2-8 times higher profit growth from video ads

The specifics of SmartHub’s strategy for Toucan Ads was providing them with our exclusive service — outstaffing AdOps specialist. In fact, SmartHub provides a dedicated account manager for constant technical support to each customer. However, an outstaffing manager is a completely different kind of service. While technically employed by the outstaffer, these professionals are hired, trained, and onboarded to exclusively work for your business, seamlessly integrating with your existing team and being efficient members of it. Thus, Toucan Ads has benefited from having a fully-equipped and skilled employee who collaborated harmoniously with their in-house team, effectively contributing to the company's operations.

In the end, Toucan Ads got not only a working RTB platform but also someone capable of managing to develop this platform and making it profitable for the client. This client is one of the few cases where our team managed to literally create a ready-to-go business.

Download the full case study to examine in detail:

  • how did the SmartHub team, in response to the specific business requirements conveyed by Toucan Ads, devise a tailored software deployment strategy that places a strong emphasis on people-centric practices
  • which benefits the client received from SmartHub’s outstaffing AdOps specialist
  • about the distinguishable innovative product features implemented for the client
  • how technology and people strategies were implemented step-by-step
  • client’s contribution to the overall performance boost
  • key results that the client obtained after deploying SmartHub’s white-label ad exchange
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