Posted on Oct 23, 2023

SmartHub’s CEO Became The Official Member Of Forbes Technology Council

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In a world where technology sets the course, the need for expert guidance is akin to finding a lighthouse in a storm. SmartHub’s CEO Roman Vrublivskyi brilliantly joined the Forbes Technology Council along with other global tech masterminds. This journey, marked by a commitment to share wisdom, insights, and knowledge in programmatic and adtech, is a beacon for those navigating the ever-shifting seas of digital advertising.

A Voyage of Expertise

With a reputation for being an industry stalwart, SmartHub’s official membership of the Forbes Technology Council is a nod to our expertise in programmatic and adtech. This journey is one of sharing experiences and ideas, breathing life into the ever-changing landscape of technology.

To unlock the variety of insights we offer, venture into the realm of the Forbes Technology Council. There, you will find an opportunity to explore the deep expertise of an industry fan.

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A Glimpse into Two Published Articles

Adtech Market Is Booming: How To Benefit From This Growth

The first topic that was uncovered by SmartHub`s CEO Roman Vrublivskyi on the Forbes Tech Council site, was Adtech Market Is Booming: How To Benefit From This Growth.

From the article readers can learn why do businesses start their own programmatic platforms; which new ways to build businesses in ad tech do companies use; how a white-label programmatic solution can reach payback and profits in a matter of several months without a need to build an ad exchange from scratch, and so on.

The insights offered provide a roadmap to unlock its vast potential. Actionable advice empowers the reader to become a knowledgeable explorer, primed to leverage the opportunities within the adtech landscape.

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Transition To A Cookieless Future: A Guide For Programmatic Professionals

The second post by by SmartHub`s CEO Roman Vrublivskyi was dedicated to Transition To A Cookieless Future: A Guide For Programmatic Professionals.

Advertising and marketing in a cookieless world became a new call for data privacy. But death of cookies doesn’t bring death to programmatic and ad tech, as SmartHub`s CEO describes in his article for Forbes Tech Council.

Despite the stats of the year 2022 that up to 50% of users in European countries restricted third-party cookies in their browsers, many ways make it possible for programmatic ads to be transacted without cookies: targeting based on first-party data, embracing direct deals, alternative ID solutions, etc. Thus, over 74% of businesses are planning to increase their investment in programmatic advertising.

From this publication on Forbes, readers can explore how to find a balance between automated buying and consumer-centricity; why are first-party data partnerships so valuable in the age of privacy; what solutions were developed to substitute the power of cookies, and more.

Keep Up To Date With SmartHub

As SmartHub is now the official member of the Forbes Technology Council, it is very profitable for tech enthusiasts and adventurers in the programmatic and adtech industry to stay informed with SmartHub news.

At SmartHub, we understand that the key to success in this rapidly changing landscape lies in staying informed. That’s why we encourage you to stay tuned to our platform for the most relevant and up-to-the-minute news and updates. Our commitment to delivering the latest industry insights ensures you’re well-equipped to navigate the dynamic world of technology.

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We recognize that simply keeping pace with technology isn’t enough. It’s crucial to anticipate and capitalize on innovations reshaping our world. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the tech industry, Roman aims to provide you with the insights that matter most on the adtech scene. We are keeping you informed with trends on our blog as well. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or a tech enthusiast, our updates and insights are tailored to meet your needs. From emerging trends and disruptive technologies to practical strategies for business growth, we’ve got you covered.

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