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White-Label: Meaning, Real World Examples & Business Opportunities

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The digital advertising landscape is evolving so rapidly that it may be challenging for businesses to maintain the same speed and adapt on time. Fortunately, white label technology (WL) is the way to create branded products with ease. 

White label partnership is the latest trend in ad tech. The modern market has dozens of successful ad tech companies producing WL solutions for DSPs (demand-supply platforms), SSPs (supply-side platforms), and DMPs (data management platforms). 

What is white label service? The white label development allows startups and experienced companies to enter the RTB (real-time bidding) ecosystem with their new robust solutions as quickly as possible.

Let’s review the features of the white label ad tech solution for enterprises, and its value for the ad tech market.

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White-Label: Meaning and 5 Business Benefits

Talking about the white label meaning in business, first of all, let us clarify the definition of white label technology. In short, a white label product is developed by a third-party provider and then used by a different company with its own branding. 

White label vs private label? Instead of building a product from scratch, a business leverages a ready-made solution created by a white label company and customizes it according to its specific needs. Since no coding is required, white label digital solutions can be integrated into the processes within just a couple of days. 

how white label solution works by SmartHub

In terms of white label products for programmatic, the working principles are the same — as illustrated in the image above, on the example of ad tech. For instance, you need to build an ad exchange as a brand. Instead of hiring an agency and investing time and money in the development process, you can take the following steps:

  1. Find a relevant white label ad exchange provider;
  2. Sign up for the solution and customize it so that it will meet your requirements in full (alternatively, it can be customized by the provider’s team);
  3. Promote your ad exchange services to advertisers and publishers and get an additional source of income.

Now, let’s review the benefits of using white label in business in greater detail.

Time For Your Business

White label is an effective business approach since every market player can focus on their competence without reinventing the wheel.

This way, it’s possible to avoid wasting time and resources on coding, design, and licensing unless your business specializes in it and has a separate IT team. The vendor’s developers create a software solution on their pre-built core and customize it according to your preferences. You can focus solely on other processes and enjoy an excellent tool for your business. 

Pressure Off

As a rule, a white label is a polished product with perfect uninterrupted operation. You can feel safe with such a platform, as all tech maintenance responsibility falls to the white label company.

All technical or other matters are the responsibility of the vendor partner interested in fixing it with the whole development team as soon as possible.

Faster Route to Market

If you don’t have time and money to experiment and want to enter the ad tech market as soon as possible, leveraging the white label business model is the way to go.

Such products are already developed and tested; you only need to customize them. Therefore, your product gets to the market very quickly.

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High ROI

Creating a new product or solution is always risky, but a ready-made white label solution guarantees high ROI. 

In practice, development from scratch is costly and sometimes brings unreliable results. In terms of cost, investing in a finished white label product is much more efficient than developing a solution from the ground up.

The WL concept is optimal if you need more time or resources to experiment and want to enter the marketplace quickly.

Expanded Product Offering

Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones always involves offering new products or services. Utilizing white label digital solutions allows you to extend your product offering promptly, reach your goals, and remain competitive. 

As a result, it will be easier for you to meet the needs of your target audience and increase loyalty.

benefits of white label for your business by SmartHub

White-Label — 4 Key Business Opportunities

What is white labeling? White labeling isn’t only about faster time to market and a chance to focus on your business’s core tasks. Here are white label opportunities you can seize:

Improved Brand Recognition

White label manufacturing implies using a product created by a different business; however, this doesn’t mean your brand recognition will be affected. WL solutions can be customized according to your existing offerings. 

If you decide to use one of them, make sure to update its design, interface, and other characteristics so that they will reflect your brand. This way, it will become more recognizable. Remember, customization can be performed by the provider, so make sure to clarify this before signing up for a specific product.

Explore some of the successful white label business ideas and opportunities below.

Risk Mitigation

If you develop an ad tech (or any other) solution on your own, all the responsibility will fall on your team. However, when it comes to white label products, the risks are shared between you and the organization that developed the original solution. If any challenges arise, this business will help you deal with them.

Flexibility and Scalability

Usually, WL solutions can be scaled with ease, which means flexibility for you. For instance, if you face an increasing customer demand for your white label product, you will be able to scale quickly and meet their expectations. 

Global Expansion

The white label approach makes it easier for companies to expand to other markets. Such expansion requires fewer investments, and the company that developed the original product can also help you look into local laws and regulations.

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Real World Examples of White-Labeling

To get a better understanding of how white labeling can help you, take a look at the following real life white label product examples.


Duda offers a white label website builder that companies can use to build websites for their clients. The tool is customizable, so if you sign up, your customers will never know you created their websites with Duda. 

It’s also possible to select features your clients can access, provide them with a branded support portal, send interactive site previews, etc.

Here, you can check out the case study of UpSites, which partnered with Duda to create websites. The screenshot below proves their success.


One more example is GoHire, an online hiring software offering a white label applicant tracking system (ATS). Recruitment agencies, software resellers, and other relevant companies can sell this product under their own branding and enhance their catalogs.

Users of this product (who purchase it from the reseller) can find and attract top talent faster, track and manage candidates easier, and so on. 

We Developed a Unique White-Label Solution

White-label ad exchange solution is a great choice for startup owners and experienced entrepreneurs. Today, more and more ad tech players decide to have their own software solutions to capitalize on their platforms. 

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An ad exchange is a digital marketplace where advertisers and publishers meet to buy and sell inventory via real-time bidding. RTB allows multiple advertisers to bid on ad inventory before a website loads, instantly displaying the winning ad.

real-time bidding ecosystem of an ad exchange by SmartHub

Building your own ad exchange is quite challenging. To run a truly successful white label ad exchange platform, you need an easy and seamless connection of ad exchange to real-time bidding.

With a white label ad exchange, you can:

  • decide who to trade with;
  • ensure privacy;
  • analyze the most profitable ad formats.

With SmartHub, you get ready, proven technology from a reputable ad tech market player. The investment payback time is up to 2.6 months.
For instance, ExplorAds achieved 487% ROI and doubled their revenue 4 months after deploying SmartHub. As for the payback time, it took only 1 month – learn more about this impressive case.

As a rule, installing the White Label platform takes only 7 business days. It’s set up and tested during this process.

how SmartHub white label ad exchange works

Advanced Trading Rules

White Label Ad Exchange is conceived to extract maximum traffic value. You can also include and exclude certain partners in advertising procurement and set your own trade rules and commission for resale traffic. 

SmartHub’s White Label allows you to trade through VAST (video ad serving platform) to RTB, RTB to VAST, and VAST to all connections. This means that all types of connections speak the same language. Also, SmartHub represents the possibility of non-standard (non-RTB) partner integration.

As a result, you create an exclusive network with trusted partners and have maximum protection from fraud. 

User-Friendly Interface

The White Label Ad Exchange platform from SmartHub is very intuitive, even for new users who don’t have a technical or ad tech background. 

In addition, SmartHub’s platform is fully transparent for business owners. You will receive detailed information on trade dynamics, traffic quality, and other details at the right time. Besides, you have access to all the data as the product’s owner.

smarthub white label ad exchange core features and capabilities

For increased reliability, SmartHub’s server infrastructure is located in the eastern and western United States, the Asia-Pacific region, and Europe, providing instant and seamless real-time advertising. If you want to work with other regions, it’s possible to buy and install a separate server there.

Multilayered Fine-tuning

The SmartHub team spent over 6,700 hours creating the core. The platform already has such advantages as precise targeting, incoming and outgoing real-time traffic analytics, 24/7 fraud protection, creating white and blacklists, and an expanded pool of advertising formats.

Also, with SmartHub, your clients can securely leverage multiple ad formats and find new customers using them in environments you have never seen before. For example, the audio format doesn’t compete with banners and isn’t blocked by anti-banners, improving brand recognition. 

To remain competitive in the ad tech market, staying up to date with the popular ad formats that are driving results is essential.

Reliability and Risk-avoiding

The digital advertising market loses billions of dollars annually because of fraud. SmartHub’s White Label Ad Exchange is protected against fake impressions, domain spoofing, bots, install hijacking, and other threats. SmartHub also includes more than 20 metrics to measure a system’s performance.

SmartHub uses the latest technologies for the most secure operation of White Label ad tech. Thus, safety scanners constantly monitor the quality of traffic: Pixalate, Protected media, TMT, Forensiq, and GeoEdge. 

Prebid Server allows getting additional demand from leading advertising exchanges on the advertising server in real time (almost every major publisher has already built this tool into its ad server). 

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Integrating with prebid server bidders can significantly enhance the efficiency of your ad exchange platform. With the QPS (queries per second) adapter filter, your platform will only get the type of traffic your partners are looking for: country, device type, connection type, and operating system. 

To ensure targeted and relevant ad delivery, QPS advertising techniques can be a game-changer. SmartHub’s WL also connects the supply/demand partners you need from its trusted list. For a more refined and targeted ad delivery, leveraging QPS programmatic strategies is the way forward.

This is a genuinely secure system; you know all partners whose traffic is verified by best traffic scanners; GDPR and CCPA data processing mechanisms are also in place. 

Traffic Leverages

Moreover, SmartHub’s White Label has unique levers for traffic control. You can set your own terms of trade to optimize the programmatic processes between advertisers and publishers to get a higher commission.

Besides RTB auctions, SmartHub’s White Label Ad Exchange supports alternative sales channels and internal media sales teams.

You can read more case studies of our client’s success to understand how things work.

Robust Team

The SmartHub outstaffing team monitors the performance, strategy, and execution of advertising businesses. They quickly solve any problems on the platform and help your company scale.

The SmartHub team analyzes the stats daily, verifies trading, and concentrates on maximizing the benefits of relations with RTB partners. That’s a team of talented people with extensive experience and knowledge not only in the platform but also in business development, advertising technology, and customer relationships. The team is proactive and provides for possible difficulties.

At the same time, SmartHub constantly trains the team to meet your business needs.

Customer-Centric Focus

SmartHub services extend beyond customer/technical support and business advice. A solid relationship with customers is one of the most important secrets to the success of the White Label in the ad tech field. SmartHub receives valuable feedback to proactively develop, enhance, and refine the product.


For businesses of any industry (and ad tech isn’t an exception), using white label digital solutions is the way to get the required product quickly and without wasting time and money on coding. By leveraging the provider’s experience and knowledge, organizations can easily meet their audiences’ expectations while focusing on their primary goals. 

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WL products are used across various industries. If you are searching for a ready-made ad exchange, SmartHub is ready to offer its skills and help you integrate the system within just a couple of days. 

smarthub white label ad exchange - why businesses trust us

With SmartHub, you can create your own robust trading environment to generate quality traffic and make more deals on the ad tech market. Sign up now and start making profits in just a few weeks!


What does white label mean?
Talking about what does white label mean in business, it is a product or service initially developed by one company but used by a different organization under its own brand. With WL, companies can diversify their offerings without the need for in-house development. White label products are leveraged across various industries, such as software, ad tech, finance, e-commerce, etc.
How can I identify suitable white label business opportunities?
First, conduct thorough market research to learn more about your competitors. Then, assess customer needs and look for potential gaps in your current offering. The next step is to look for WL partners that meet your quality standards and requirements. Prioritize opportunities that can enhance your product portfolio most effectively.
How to choose a partner for white-labeling?
Pay attention to the potential partners’ reputation, track record, and industry experience to make the right choice. Consider their product quality, pricing, and scalability to make sure they meet your needs. Besides, assess their flexibility and communication skills. It would also be helpful to look for reviews.
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