Posted on Oct 18, 2022

Accelerating Marketplace With Prebid Server Integrations

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When it comes to header-bidding auctions Prebid is a star of technology because it seamlessly enables unified auctions. In programmatic advertising, the waterfall auction is a long-known model according to which the majority of ad exchanges and networks work. 

In this model supply partners consistently offer ad impressions for sale, each time lowering the price threshold — until the impression gets sold. Meanwhile, header-bidding (unified) auctions made it possible for demand partners to bid on the ad impression simultaneously, which provided fair access to inventory and created better competition (and better yields for supply partners). 

This also allowed supply partners to receive an additional influx of money as they started connecting external demand through header-bidding auctions. In most cases, Prebid is used for such integrations. Today we are going to review what is Prebid technology and how it is used in your marketplace for partner integration. 

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What is Prebid, Prebid.js and Prebid Server?

Prebid is a global organization managed by volunteer community members across the ad tech industry. 

Prebid.js is an open-source solution thanks to which it becomes possible to implement header-bidding auctions quickly and seamlessly. Prebid.js is actually a core feature within the Prebid ecosystem as it can support multiple formats, including native, video, display, etc.

What’s important, Prebid has the broadest range of adapters in the library so that supply partners could integrate with all kinds of ad platforms. Initially, Prebid was created in 2015 and later became available to the larger community. As a result, industry players could continuously access Prebid technology and make their contributions to improve it. 
Prebid Server is a header-bidding solution that is implemented on a server-side. Initially, the header-bidding auctions were placed client-side. However, later it became possible to organize auctions server-side, which reduced the latency since the workload was removed from browsers.

Prebid Server Flow

Why Prebid Is So Popular

The programmatic market has at least several other header-bidding solutions with libraries, however, those solutions are not open-source but rather closed-access technologies developed by separate ad tech players/vendors. In a nutshell, technically, such solutions are not inferior to Prebid.js, they have the same mechanism and logic of work. At the same time, the world is moving towards transparency and unbiased environments, and with minor commercial solutions, it’s hard to guarantee unbiased auctions. 

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What is the role of Prebid in your SmartHub?

With Prebid technology integration of partners into your marketplace becomes easier:

Prebid is a technology that is getting increasingly popular in your SmartHub because with this seamless integration type partners achieve significantly better media trading results and financial outcomes. For instance, Prebid server performance data spanning a period of July-September 2022 on the demand side demonstrates the following trends:

  • Company A managed to increase profits by more than 43%;
  • Company B managed to increase profits by more than 50%;
  • Company C managed to increase profits by more than 89%;
  • Company D increased profits by more than 1718%. 

Getting More Demand With Prebid Server

Fetching more demand from ad exchanges becomes possible thanks to server-to-server parallel bidding integration available in your SmartHub. How it works in the nutshell: your demand partners will get requests to the Prebid Server that will be coming from SmartHub (as if from publishers).

The bidders will send their bids back to the Prebid Server. The auctions will be running server-side and then after the auction winner is defined it will be transferred to the SmartHub.

The great news is that also lets you access the complete list of bidders and information about them, e.g what kinds of media are supported, custom bid parameters, and the rest of the important details. You can choose any bidder from the list and fill in its custom bid parameters on SmartHub. Read detailed info about prebid server to server integration.

Getting Supply With Prebid Server

Prebid Server lets you work as a DSP with a chosen bid adapter. Worth noting that the bid adapter list has SmartHub registered in it, thanks to which integration of partners on the supply side gets possible. When you add a new endpoint on the supply side 3 unique parameters will be generated and added to it. Your partners will receive these parameters and after this, media trading will be initiated. 

Read the more detailed information on what kind of parameters will be passed in the request and how to get started.

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To Wrap It Ip

Prebid is a very popular technology that makes it possible to increase the number of auction participants. Now with available Prebid integrations, you can easily unify demand and supply partners to accelerate the marketplace performance like the rest of SmartHub owners do. Connect and adjust your SmartHub easily to boost the auction dynamics so that you could achieve greater results and higher incomes in the end.  

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