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SmartHub is a Finalist in the DRUM for Digital Industries Awards 2023

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SmartHub became a finalist in the DRUM Digital Industries Awards 2023 in the Programmatic nomination.

What Should You Know About the Drum Awards?

The Drum Awards for Digital Industries celebrate the best exceptional work, companies and people behind the most effective digital campaigns around the world.

SmartHub is a Finalist in the DRUM for Digital Industries Awards 2023

The Drum Awards is a prestigious international competition which is run by the Drum leading global publisher for the marketing and media industries.

The Drum Awards is positioning itself as the most-watched marketing awards show in the world. Their exciting festival rewards Design, B2B, Experience, PR, Search, Digital Industries, Programmatic, and much more. The Drum Awards contribute to the World Creative Rankings, alongside other major industry awards. It means that all of the finalists and winner of the Drum Awards get a great recognition of the products and reputation.

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Here are the impressive facts about the Drum Awards:

  • 50+ countries are covered – jurors and entries from around the world
  • 750+ judges – expert juries featuring leading global CMOs
  • 15 categories in the Drum Awards 2023 – Creativity, Media, Digital Industries, PR, Social Media, Content, B2B, Design, Digital Advertising, Social Purpose, Experience, Agency Business, Search, Out of Home, Metaverse
  • 27 nominations are included in the Digital Industries category in the year 2023

What About the Category Where SmartHub Became a Finalist?

As the Drum Awards admits on its website, the rise of digital marketing means brands and other advertisers are using innovative tools and software, often referred to as AdTech or Advertising Technology, to target, deliver and measure their digital advertising campaigns. So the Drum Awards take a look at the technology being used by advertisers and how it has had an impact on performance.

In the year 2023, the Drum Awards covered 27 different nominations in the Digital Industries category, among which were: Programmatic, AI or Machine Learning, AR/VR, Audio, Data and Insights, Digital Transformation, Media and Entertainment, Metaverse Activation, Not-For-Profit, Charity and Government, Social Media, UX, and so on.

SmartHub has been recognized as a finalist in the Programmatic nomination with its outstanding results with one of its case studies.

From Complex to Effortless: Deploying a Profitable Programmatic Ad Exchange With Full Support in 7 days” – this name of SmartHub`s nomination speaks for itself.

In its nomination for the Drum Awards 2023, SmartHub described the case study results made with Take1 client which prove that with the innovative approach, all-encompassing technical and customer support, SmartHub makes it possible to reach for the clients these objectives:

  • launch own ad exchange in a week
  • achieve payback in 2,6 months
  • grow revenues by 262% and ROI by 571% in 4 months

Additionally, SmartHub described its remarkable and big launches in 2022-2023:

  • SmartHub 2.0 upgraded version with an enormous number of new tools to boost the clients` revenues;
  • SmartHub Basic version that was launched for small tech companies, startups, and freelancers, which makes it possible to have a payback even in 1 day, as some of our clients proved

“It’s been a fierce competition this year, and your nomination speaks volumes about the quality of your work. You should be proud of this fantastic achievement.”

Senior Event Producer of the Drum Awards

We, the SmartHub team, are very proud and excited to be presented among the finalists all over the world of the Drum Awards for Digital Industries 2023. We are devoted to upholding the highest standards of our white-label programmatic products and services, paying the special attention to our comprehensive and awarded customer success practices, with the aim of guaranteeing the absolute contentment of each and every client and partner we engage with.

What Makes SmartHub The Leading White Label Programmatic Solution?

We distinguish these two fundamental components of our success and differentiation on the ad tech market:

  • People: product managers, full development support, advertising operations, as well as a training support team, are experts in digital ad operations inside out. They provide comprehensive onboarding and ongoing assistance, consultations, and advice to help businesses reach their highest performances.
  • Technology: SmartHub boasts distinctive technological capabilities, including cross-connection media trading and a traffic throttling mechanism, enabling the efficient distribution of traffic based on demand. The intuitive navigation logic ensures that the platform operates with ease, seamlessness, and user-friendliness, catering to individuals with little to no technical or ad tech expertise.
SmartHub's Features Have No Limits!
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The list of unique functionalities that differentiate SmartHub:

  • Different QPS plans for platform scaling enable increasing the platform capacities without attracting developers and stopping the operation for technical reasons.
  • Ability to analyze and control traffic, payments, and overall performance.
  • Performance stats across ad formats, traffic types, traffic health, lowest and highest bids, and more.
  • The widest range of formats that are able to satisfy demand partners who buy desktop, in-app, mobile web, CTV medium ads and formats like banner, video, native, pop, push.
  • SmartHub technology has a strong server infrastructure located in USA East and USA West, APAC region, and Europe, that guarantees that ads are rendered instantly and are of impeccable quality.
  • Outstaffed employees are specifically selected and educated to suit the client’s business objectives.

White-label programmatic solutions by SmartHub are truly innovative as they facilitate a straightforward and cost-effective setup for ad tech businesses. In contrast to several other white-label tech providers that offer just the technology and minimal support, we have recognized that many enterprises venturing into this niche are doing so for the first time and require comprehensive guidance and extensive support.

To truly assess the full range of use cases offered by SmartHub solutions, explore our case studies.

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