Posted on Jul 5, 2023

What Drives Success for SmartHub Basic Adopters? Client Success Recap

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Unlocking success for businesses of all sizes, SmartHub white label ad exchange solution has recently introduced its groundbreaking solution, SmartHub Basic. With a clear vision to cater to diverse customer needs, SmartHub has taken a significant leap by delivering a more affordable version of its primary solution — SmartHub.

SmartHub Basic is a very affordable and easy-to-use ad exchange solution for small tech companies, startups, ad networks, SSPs, and even freelancers who are eager to start programmatic advertising business with minimal financial and time investments.

We in SmartHub team, have had insightful interviews with our clients who have successfully established their own ad exchanges utilizing cutting-edge SmartHub Basic technology. By understanding the optimal ad formats and traffic types that have yielded the best results for their marketplaces, we can provide valuable insights on maximizing the potential of your SmartHub Basic experience.

Are you eager to unlock the full potential of your SmartHub Basic? Let’s dive into the insights and draw meaningful conclusions together.

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What is SmartHub Basic, and how different is it from SmartHub?

At its core, SmartHub Basic offers similar functionalities to its full version, encompassing everything necessary for correct marketplace management, in-depth analysis, and efficient traffic distribution. While all essential features are present, we also allow businesses to cut costs even more by focusing only on the most important functionalities. 

Sure, there are certain differences in customization and extended report opportunities, but both options provide an array of integrations, built-in filters, anti-fraud scanners, and ad formats to benefit from — banner, native, video, rewarded video, audio, pop, and push ads are all here. 

Explore in details to find out how those two versions are different, and how to tap into limitless scaling and business-growing opportunities when you need the full SmartHub version. 

Swift payback period

The key advantage of SmartHub Basic lies in its ability to facilitate a swift payback period achievement. It allows businesses to recoup their investments even from day one, as the monthly cost of SmartHub Basic is just $349.

In the following sections, we will delve into the formats, traffic types, and QPS plans that helped early adopters of SmartHub Basic achieve desired media-trading outcomes. 

Explore the top performing ad formats on SmartHub that make advertising more efficient.

CTV, banner, and native formats as top performers

The success of SmartHub Basic clients can be attributed to their effective utilization of in-demand advertising formats, namely Connected TV (CTV), banners, and native ads, which are very effective and profitable. For example:


With precise targeting, CTV enables personalized messaging that maximizes campaign impact and boosts conversions on Smart TVs and other Internet-connected devices. In fact, in 2023, 57% of media buyers acknowledge that CTV is more efficient than traditional TV in driving website visits and sales. CTV ads also have higher engagement rates than traditional TV, as viewers actively engage with streamed content, leading to increased ad attentiveness. With the CTV format, SmartHub Basic owners increase ad-serving opportunities and profitability of their ad exchanges. Plus, configuring endpoints on CTV is just as easy as doing it for audio ads.

You might be also interested to learn about the free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST).


Banner ads offer versatility and visual appeal, with the ability to adapt to different digital platforms. Moreover, banner ads are cost-effective, which makes them accessible to businesses with limited budgets, enabling wider reach and increased exposure. In the previous article, we discovered that our partners earn the most profits with in-app video formats; however, the cost for the banner ads is much more affordable and can start from $1 to $100 or so per thousand impressions (depending on the partner, geo of the traffic and other factors). Implementing banner ads is easy and efficient. Many demand partners are hunting specifically for banner traffic, and SmartHub Basic owners understand that they can also earn more with banner traffic. 

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Native Ads

Native ads have perched on the third position in our rating. They drive 20%-60% higher engagement rates when compared to traditional display ads, which helps capture attention and increase click-through rates. They offer greater relevance by tailoring content to the target audience’s interests, maximizing conversions. Additionally, native ads have cross-platform compatibility, allowing businesses to reach their audience across various digital platforms for increased campaign effectiveness. For this reason, this traffic type is very popular, and SmartHub Basic owners are achieving high profits from media trading with it. 

Learn more about how to maximize an ad operations efficiency on your ad exchange platform.

Desktop and mobile apps are leading in traffic generation

The success of SmartHub Basic clients can be attributed to correctly chosen traffic types that drive the most revenues:

Desktop traffic is still the most popular as it offers an extensive reach; that’s why many ad tech players never quit with it, even if traffic on CTV is surging the most. For the same reason, SmartHub and SmartHub Basic owners also have a lot of deals precisely with this form of traffic. 

Mobile app traffic. Mobile apps provide personalized experiences through user preferences, location-based targeting, and push notifications. For this reason, mobile traffic is very popular and sought after among demand partners. As we’ve seen in previous client success stories, in-app videos, and in-app banners ended up being the most earning formats within this environment in 2022. 

The benefits of low volumes of QPS for beginners and small businesses

The capacity of SmartHub Basic is 5k QPS incoming and 5k QPS outgoing. Though even with up to 5K QPS plan our clients achieve great performances. This level of QPS on SmartHub Basic enables full-scale capacity for maintaining efficient media trading between demand and supply partners with a proven level of profitability. Besides that, not a big number of QPS allows to feel confidently and comfortably for small tech companies, startups, and freelancers, who are ready to start programmatic business with the minimal budgets. It often happens that after trial on small numbers of QPS, getting experienced in ad exchange management and achieving quick break-even points, our clients are ready to increase volumes of QPS and migrate to the SmartHub full version with wider opportunities and higher revenues.

Is there a connection between QPS plans and profits?

Smaller plans are normally focusing on in-app banner traffic, while the larger plans, 50K and 100K, normally focus entirely on in-app videos in order to seamlessly trade and achieve outstanding results. 

A higher QPS plan often leads to increased income for marketplaces engaged in media trading due to the capacity to handle more intensive workloads. Nevertheless, when the SmartHub owner efficiently distributes the traffic, demand partners can access and purchase exactly what they need. This means that the marketplace can still provide ad operations efficiently and generate substantial profits even with smaller plans such as 10K, 20K, or 30K. In fact, in January 2022, the 30K plan accounted for the largest share of profits, totaling a significant 30%, surpassing other plans in terms of profitability.

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The last word

Our partners have harnessed the power of SmartHub Basic to propel their growth and solidify their position in the market while utilizing CTV, banners, and native ads. They also paid attention to the right traffic types that are currently staying in high demand as the most engaging, cost-efficient, or profitable ones. 

With this, SmartHub Basic owners could benefit from programmatic advertising without large budgets or the need for high QPS volumes. These results show that the standout advantage of SmartHub Basic is its potential for businesses to achieve a swift payback period, with a monthly cost of only $349. Our partners highlight its ability to empower businesses and drive profitability, making it an attractive option for those looking to fully capitalize on their own ecosystem or those who only plan to test the waters of programmatic advertising for the very first time. 

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