Posted on Jun 26, 2023

Scaling Your White Label Ad Exchange Platform: Unlocking Growth Opportunities

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When you set up a white label advertising platform like ad exchange you want it to be reliable, effective, and secure by default. Sure, the white label advertising model gives you lots of privileges from the very start such as speed of technology installation. Plus, it also cuts your investments (since technology is prebuilt and requires less human labor for deployment). In addition to this white label marketing, software technology like SmartHub gives you an undeniable advantage in terms of reliability and risk-avoiding – lots of companies build their solutions on this pre-built core to eliminate problems with the ad server setup and ad server configuration, custom domain adjustment, or glitches. You just get technology from a white label service provider, set up your own logo, and get your own branding for the ad exchange that reflects your brand identity and works according to your terms. To ensure seamless integration with supply partners, understanding the SSP JS tag configuration can be crucial for your white label advertising platform.

Still, even if the white label marketing technology saved you a lot of money and effort there’s still giant room for improvement. The leverages that SmartHub has in-built in the system can boost digital advertising activities in your marketplace while also optimizing your media buying and selling processes. What functionalities to look for? Read this short optimization manual for your white label advertising platform.

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6 Strategies for Scaling Your White Label Advertising Platform

Introducing six powerful strategies specifically designed to scale your white label advertising platform. These proven techniques will empower you to expand your platform’s reach, increase revenue, and unlock new opportunities in the competitive advertising landscape. 

From optimizing operations to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, this paragraph reveals the key steps necessary to take your platform to the next level. Get ready to revolutionize your advertising business and achieve remarkable growth with these expert strategies. Next you will learn how to scale your advertising platform.

Fetch more demand with Prebid server to server integration

When the common question of how to scale an advertising platform arises, not many people think about Prebid server to server integration. As you might know, the Prebid server has been used in digital advertising for a while now, namely in header-bidding auctions. Prebid server technology popped up to the scene to remove latency associated with client-side header bidding. For this, almost every big publisher integrates Prebid with their ad server. Why? Because Prebid can drive additional demand from leading ad exchanges in real time straight to the ad server (in your case it will be your white label ad exchange). 

How does it work and why is it important? When you have integration configured your Smarthub will send requests to the prebid server of your demand partners. In turn, then bid requests will be sent to all bidders. After this bids will return from bidders to the Prebid Server. Information about the auction winner will be sent back by the Prebid server to your SmartHub. With a Prebid server, you will increase the number of partners and thus, the number of digital marketing campaigns in your SmartHub.

Read how to correctly configure Prebid server to server demand integration in your SmartHub. 

Trade universally with VAST to all connection

With the rise of mobile consumption, mobile video ads have become a pivotal component in reaching and engaging audiences effectively. Any growing advertising platform is unique because it enables you to trade universally via VAST to RTB, RTB to VAST, and VAST to all connections (which so far is unavailable with other white label options on the market). Trading within the same connection type – RTB to RTB or VAST to VAST is a long-established practice but it can create limitations when you want to across connection types in your white label advertising marketplace. 

How does it work and why is it important? When you choose “VAST to ALL” in your setting that means you enable media trading between all connections – VAST to VAST, VAST to RTB, RTB to VAST, RTB to RTB. When you configure connection types you step out of major digital advertising limitations – this way all connection types will speak the same language. Thus, in your white label platform there will be more chances to strike deals between different partners. 

Read how to configure VAST to ALL media trading in your SmartHub.

Give your demand the right traffic with a QPS Adapter filter

Right traffic is important for every digital marketing campaign, for your demand partners traffic is no less important. Your digital advertising platform can help your demand partners to obtain only those kinds of traffic they are looking for. With QPS Adapter turned on the system your white label platform will continuously analyze the traffic that each DSP bids on to send more of such traffic towards it. 

How does it work and why it is important? Country, size, device type, secure/non-secure, connection type, OS all these traffic parameters can matter a lot – your demand partners bid on certain traffic types during the media buying. The QPS Adapter filter can interpret what each DSP seeks according to these parameters. Then it will send more of such traffic towards each DSP. Some small fraction of traffic will still be sent unsorted so that the adapter could learn new parameters to stay updated when something changes.

Read how to configure QPS Adapter filter in your SmartHub.

Protect your marketplace with scanners

Digital advertising loses billions of dollars yearly because of fraud: impression and click bots and botnets, domain spoofing, install hijacking – these are not making the full list of possible threats. White label advertising platform is partially protected from such problems because you integrate supply partners of your own choosing. Still, even white label advertising marketplace can benefit from an additional level of security that the following scanners bring in:

  • TMT. Specifically created for creatives. It will run the responses through TMT whitelists and deliver their CrIDs for further checking (if they are not found). Works well for banners and native advertising creatives. The setup process for this scanner should be negotiated beforehand (contact your white label service provider).
  • Forensiq scanner. Forensiq scanner is used to protect all kinds of regular and white label platforms, including white label DSP and ad exchange. It spots SIVT & GIVT fraud, monitors traffic, and compares it to its own fraud score scale.
  • Protected Media. Use this scanner to scan traffic on SSP endpoints on your white label platform. It also detects fraud on both pre and post-bid levels and works well for verifying display, video, and CTV traffic. 
  • Pixalate. This scanner works both pre-bid and post-bid in your white label platform. A very good fit for digital advertising, especially if we talk about scanning in-app, display, video, CTV, and OTT traffic. Understanding the benefits of connected tv advertising can help brands tap into a rapidly growing audience segment, offering personalized and immersive ad experiences.
  • GeoEdge. This is a demand scanner that can work with a wide range of white label marketing platforms, that’s why it is also integrated into SmartHub. Scanner wraps every SSP response in <header> and <footer> tags to stop redirecting creatives. 
  • Botman. This one will work well with your white label advertising platform as it protects the marketplace from GIVT & SIVT on both pre and post-bid levels. 
  • WhiteOps. This scanner is known for its ability to find the sources of invalid traffic and prevent it on a pre-bid basis. Works well for desktop, mobile, CTV environments. Protecting your platform from fraudulent activities, including human traffic bots, is essential to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of your ad network. If you want to protect your digital advertising environment with WhiteOps negotiate the conditions with a team beforehand. 

Read more about these SmartHub scanners and how to configure them.

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Embrace audio ad formats

Programmatic audio has inherited all the best capabilities from programmatic digital advertising since with this format advertisers can reach the right audience and increase brand awareness. However, it also brought in new advantages – in this medium brands can find new customers and users that were never addressed through different advertising channels. As reported by eMarketer, by the end of 2021 the audience of digital content will grow to 218.6 Million Americans monthly. By the end of 2025, it will reach a whopping 230.8 Million, (and this can account for 67.1% of the total population). 

For this reason, audio digital marketing campaigns are also poised to grow exponentially as these formats can perfectly elevate brand awareness and enhance brand identity. What makes it useful for advertisers is that the ad content doesn’t compete with other banners for user attention (like on the web page). It is effective and it doesn’t get caught by ad blockers (just like native advertising). 

How does it work and why is it important? Recently we announced the support of audio ad format on SmartHub. This means that you can configure supply and demand endpoints to benefit from the audio format in your white label marketplace. Find out how to configure audio ads on SmartHub and extend advertising opportunities in your white label marketplace instantly. 

Streamline your advertising operations with outstaffed professionals

These days companies outstaff professionals for a wide range of functions starting from marketing services, social media management, and ending with building email marketing advertising platform, (a white label DSP/Ad exchange), or maintaining an ad server. However, if you have your own white label DSP or white label ad exchange outsourcing ad ops and account managers can be especially beneficial. These days outsourcing becomes a sure way to access rare ad tech talent instantly while getting rid of exhausting labor-keeping hardships (screening, hiring, educating, testing, dealing with payrolls, sick leaves, and taxation). 

What can outstaffed professionals do for your white label platform? Outstaffed ad ops and account managers can optimize ad performance, strategy, flow, and execution of advertising campaigns. As well, they will troubleshoot problems on your white label platform and grow your business while it scales up. They will focus on communication with supply and demand partners to maximize the profit from this relation. Their daily routines include stats analysis, checking the bidding trends, trade anomalies findings, and fixes, of course. So they work closely with the numbers and analytics to understand if supply and demand are appropriately connected to get the highest result. If not, they are in charge of platform auction settings to change anything, preventing getting more. This way, they optimize the performance of your white label platform.

How does it work and why is it important? By hiring outsourced adops for your white label solution you can streamline the media buying and media selling on your marketplace. With dedicated white label professionals you will constantly optimize efficiency so that your advertising business grows profitable. We can select the ad tech professionals specifically for your business needs and requirements. We will also support them and educate them while they are working as a part of your team and boost your white label solution. 

Leveraging Technology for Scaling and Expanding the White Label Advertising Platform

In the dynamic realm of white label advertising platforms, the significance of leveraging advanced technology cannot be overstated. As the industry continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, incorporating cutting-edge solutions becomes paramount for scaling strategies for advertising platform. 

By embracing innovative technologies, you can revolutionize operational efficiency, streamline intricate processes, and effectively cater to an expanding clientele. From automated campaign management to AI-driven targeting and robust analytics, harnessing the potential of advanced tools empowers you to optimize performance, deliver laser-focused results, and gain a competitive edge. Stay at the forefront of the advertising landscape by embracing technology and unlock unprecedented increased potential for growing your white label advertising platform.

Moreover, automation streamlines tasks, freeing up time for strategic decision-making. AI enables targeted and personalized ads, enhancing campaign performance. Machine learning optimizes campaigns in real-time for maximum results. These technologies also aid in fraud detection, ensuring a secure advertising environment. Leveraging these advancements propels platform growth and scalability in ad exchange platforms.

Consider SmartHub Your Trusted Partner

SmartHub is the pioneering PaaS white-label ad exchange that facilitates swift entry into the ad tech market. With a customer-first approach and pre-built technology, SmartHub empowers businesses to establish and maintain their ad exchange efficiently.

Our unique model involves proactive customer care and support from a dedicated team of experts who go the extra mile to ensure exceptional business outcomes. With attentive support, expert guidance, and cost-cutting innovative technology, SmartHub delivers a powerful combination that propels your business towards spectacular results.

With SmartHub, you can confidently embrace the potential of the ad tech market, leveraging our robust platform to unlock spectacular results. Experience the power of a customer-centric approach, unmatched expertise, and advanced technology all in one comprehensive solution – SmartHub, your gateway to unparalleled success in the ad tech industry.

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The last word

White label marketing gives countless advantages to businesses that use it. No matter what technology you’ve built with white label – email marketing, social media management platform, or ad exchange, the most important advantage that you got is the cost-efficiency and flexibility of such technology. SmartHub is a white label advertising platform that’s designed to provide the owners with all possible leverages that boost their marketplace effectiveness. Don’t forget to configure them properly and then your marketplace will thrive and generate a lot of profits.


What are scaling techniques for ad exchange platforms?
Key factors for scaling strategies for ad exchange include infrastructure readiness, attracting quality advertisers and publishers, optimizing platform performance, ensuring regulatory compliance, and establishing effective monetization strategies.
What role does technology play in scaling a white label ad exchange platform?
Technology plays a crucial role in scaling advertisement platform. It enables efficient management of increased traffic and data volume, automates processes, enhances targeting capabilities, and optimizes campaign performance. Leveraging advanced technology ensures scalability, improves operational efficiency, and drives growth in the competitive ad exchange industry.
What are the best practices for managing a scaled white label advertising platform?
Best practices for managing a scaled white label advertising platform include establishing clear communication channels with clients, implementing robust campaign tracking and reporting mechanisms, optimizing operational workflows, investing in ongoing training and support for staff, and staying updated with industry trends and technologies.
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