Posted on Jun 16, 2023

Exploring the Benefits of White Label Programmatic Advertising

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Today, it’s quite common to see a lot of business owners try to do everything by themselves, no matter how overwhelming and stressful it is. The reasons for that are different: limited budget and resources, lack of specialists, the desire to control all the processes, or even the fear of things going wrong. 

However, most business owners don’t have enough knowledge and skills to provide wide technical expertise, meet deadlines, and engage the needed audience segment. That’s why many businesses remain stagnant. The good news is there’s a simple solution — white labeling. So, keep reading if you’d like to learn more about white labeling in marketing and specifically about white label display advertising.

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What is White Labeling?

White labeling is a business practice of using third-party providers to produce or manufacture a product to the exact requirement that you have and then presenting the product to your customers under your brand name. It means you don’t have to hire people for product creation, you don’t have to think about overhead costs, insurance, and healthcare for your employees  — instead, you work with a partner on a fixed price to deliver the project that you’re trying to get done to your exact specification.


We may not even realize how many products offered by companies come from a white label background. Many of the tech giants cooperate with white label providers. For example, Apple uses a third-party provider in China to produce their iPads, laptops, and phones. The same thing happens in the world of digital marketing.

What is White Label Programmatic Advertising

Nowadays, many advertisers are looking for a one-stop solution to handle websites, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media marketing, email marketing, and much more. Of course, every marketing agency has a particular service that is its strong suit. However, there may be other areas representing a challenge. 

How to get started with programmatic advertising? With the white label programmatic display advertising you don’t have to be an expert in all areas to offer a fully comprehensive marketing package. White label programmatic advertising is a business model where one company provides programmatic advertising technology and services to another company, which then rebrands and resells them as its own. It can allow you to offer programmatic advertising services without developing their own technology, benefiting from faster time to market and reduced costs.

In the dynamic landscape of programmatic advertising, white label solutions have emerged as a game-changer for companies seeking to establish their presence without the burden of developing proprietary technology. By partnering with specialized white label providers, businesses can swiftly enter the market armed with a pre-existing programmatic advertising platform, meticulously crafted and ready to be rebranded as their own. This strategic approach not only slashes development costs and time-to-market but also empowers companies to offer cutting-edge programmatic advertising services under their own distinguished brand. With white label solutions, companies can seamlessly navigate the competitive realm of programmatic advertising, expand their service portfolio, and deliver unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness to their discerning clientele.

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Benefits of White Label Programmatic Advertising for Your Business

Private label vs white label? If your marketing agency hasn’t yet explored the perks of white labeling, here are some pretty good reasons you should do so. Explore what will white label services help you with.

Accelerate your agency’s growth

White labeling can help your company achieve its revenue goal in a shorter time. The more complete your product mix, the higher your chances of acquiring more clients and increasing their lifetime value. Offering additional products such as social media marketing or pay-per-click advertising will be a great plus both for you and for your clients who will no longer need to look for some additional services elsewhere.

Scale your services without worries

Besides providing product building services, white label providers have tools, resources, and consulting available just for you. You will be able to focus on what you do best while being rest assured that your clients receive five-star services in all other products. 

Stay competitive

As previously mentioned, clients are looking for agencies offering a full package. Expanding your product portfolio with additional white label services will help you stay top of mind and competitive. Clients will compare your services with well-established agencies, and this will help you strengthen your unique value proposition. 

Reduce your business costs

The more services you have, the more expensive the products get. Additional services require investing in equipment, specialists, constant training to stay updated, account management tools, sales tools, and so on. Reselling marketing services can help a company to increase revenues drastically.

Focus on your clients’ experience

Having a partner fulfilling your services gives you more time to strengthen your relationship with the client. Creating an experience with the right mix of marketing products and maintaining communication can help transform your clients into loyal customers — ambassadors for your brand. Simultaneously you can increase your referral rate since satisfied and loyal clients will always spread the word about your agency. 

Decrease turnaround times 

White labeling is an ally for agencies struggling with delivery times. Working on your business growth is a task that requires time, and so do your digital adverting or marketing strategies —  they both need in-depth analysis, planning, execution, and a ton of resources. A partner agency can help you deliver what you’ve promised to your clients in time. 

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What to Look for in a White Label Marketing Partner?

After everything we’ve gone over, you may be wondering how you can find a white label digital marketing provider that will perfectly fit your business needs. 

Before having your digital marketing services white-labeled, outline your business needs and goals. There are plenty of white label products that you can invest in, so find the ones your customers really need. Moreover, integrating an agency partner requires a lot of research since there are a lot of things you should consider. Some of them may be unique to your agency, however, there are some that you cannot miss. Here are two of them.

The years of experience and expertise

The more experienced your agency partner is the higher the chances that they will have a blueprint for building a good quality product. This provider should have the result, proven methodology covering all stages of the customer journey — from prospecting to onboarding, servicing, reporting, upselling, right down to retaining. 

The resources for scaling up

While searching for a partner, the best option is to hire a business partner with the right tools and mindset to go above and beyond to help you fulfill your expansion goal. Also, make sure that your future partner has enough expertise to implement your ideas and you both align about expectations and deadlines. 

When Should you Start Considering White Label Marketing?

Before anything starts, weigh up the pros and cons to ensure that hiring a white label partner is the best move to scale your agency. It’s the right time to consider building a WL marketing platform if your company is currently experiencing the following.

Your customers ask for additional marketing services

If your company doesn’t specialize in services that some of your clients require, instead of wasting time and effort on recruitment, training, and equipment, it will be faster and more cost-effective to ask for help from the experts. 

You get negative experience 

If you still haven’t reached the desired heights in marketing, it means that your past marketing efforts were unsatisfactory. So, it may be the right time to find a white-label service that will help you enhance your current marketing strategy. 

You have low sales

Low sales can make any business shut down. There are a bunch of reasons why sales may decline — bad marketing tactics, wrong targeting, poor communication, and so on. White label agencies can help you identify the ways to boost your revenue and steer your sales department in the right direction. 

Your agency has a lack of expertise

Marketing is a very complex mechanism that requires in-depth training in many areas and years to master the skills. However, every company wants to offer the best solutions to their customers, so it’s crucial to have the right specialist to deliver services. So, if you lack money to maintain an in-house team, it’s best to get a WL partner.

What is White Label Advertising? 

White label advertising is an integral part of white label digital marketing services and may include many things — from ad campaigns and reports to ad products, or even advertising platforms. White label advertising allows your agency to provide high-end digital advertising services to local businesses helping them strategize, create and implement digital advertising campaigns. 

Due to rising internet penetration rates and the fast-growing popularity of digital platforms, more and more businesses around the world invest in digital advertising. Only in 2020, companies spent nearly 356 billion U.S. dollars on digital advertising. Now, the spending is expected to reach $695.96 billion by 2024.

With more businesses ready to invest in advertising, it’s the right time for your agency to offer them advertising services. White label advertising will allow your clients to acquire new customers, drive more sales and conversions, as well as to bring attention to all the other marketing tactics of the business. 

The more services you can offer to your clients, the more it benefits your own business. Here are a few reasons why white label advertising is great for your agency:

  • It requires no extra efforts for your company
  • Your clients get high-quality products
  • It expands your company’s expertise
  • It boosts your company’s revenue
  • It strengthens your position in the market

Case Studies: Success Stories with White Label Programmatic Advertising

AI programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence and real-time bidding (RTB) to help automate and streamline the ad buying process. In a nutshell, programmatic advertising campaigns allow you to specify a target market, budgets, and goals for a campaign. Ad experts configure the campaign and use AI to place ads across dozens of ad networks to reach your highly targeted audience. 

Having your own white label ad exchange platform will help you grow your business, boost revenue and become one of the most sought-after marketing agencies that provide a comprehensive product mix.

SmartHub is an innovative solution designed to help businesses create, install and configure their own RTB platform in just a week. It’s equipped with a variety of functions and allows businesses to mediate the traffic correctly, establish their own rules and terms, and set up the commissions. During installation, integrations, UI personalization you get full technical support. 

SmartHub also allows on-demand integrations that can be adjusted to every client. It means as a platform owner you can easily connect your DSP and SSP partners in a single interface. Moreover, using SmartHub also benefits each integrated partner due to its increased transparency, safety, and system accountability.

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Consider SmartHub Your Trusted Partner

SmartHub is the pioneering PaaS white-label ad exchange that facilitates swift entry into the ad tech market. With a customer-first approach and pre-built technology, SmartHub empowers businesses to establish and maintain their ad exchange efficiently.

Our unique model involves proactive customer care and support from a dedicated team of experts who go the extra mile to ensure exceptional business outcomes. With attentive support, expert guidance, and cost-cutting innovative technology, SmartHub delivers a powerful combination that propels your business towards spectacular results.

With SmartHub, you can confidently embrace the potential of the ad tech market, leveraging our robust platform to unlock spectacular results. Experience the power of a customer-centric approach, unmatched expertise, and advanced technology all in one comprehensive solution – SmartHub, your gateway to unparalleled success in the ad tech industry.

What are the benefits of SmartHub white label ad exchange services for your business?

Of course, you can build your own ad network or exchange from scratch, but here are some pretty good reasons why it’s better to buy a ready-made White Label ads platform:

  • Time-effectiveness

The platform is already built, so everything you need is to install it and customize it to your needs. The whole procedure will take less than 7 days. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

You don’t have to spend extra money on hiring a team of in-house specialists to code, design, and maintain the platform. Moreover, the core of the platform is already prebuilt which makes it even more affordable. 

  • High-end product

You get a tested and time-proven product thanks to the team of tech specialists that continuously maintain the platform.

  • Scalability

You can always adjust the platform to your growing business.

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With white label advertising your business can become one of the most sought-after on the market. It’s the ultimate solution for your business to expand expertise, increase brand awareness, and boost revenue in a shorter period of time. If you want to get started with programmatic advertising but don’t know how to enter the market safely, you should consider a SmartHub White Label Ad Tech platform. Thanks to the core technology that ensures a flawless advertising experience with advanced traffic evaluation tools, custom interface, and human-friendly analytics you can enter the market with minimized risks and budget in just a week.


What is white-label programmatic advertising?
White-label programmatic advertising refers to a solution where a company provides its programmatic advertising platform to other businesses under their brand name. It allows these businesses to offer programmatic advertising services without developing their own technology. The platform is rebranded and customized to match the reseller’s brand, enabling them to enter the programmatic advertising market quickly and efficiently.
How can white-label programmatic advertising improve campaign performance?
White-label programmatic advertising can improve campaign performance by leveraging advanced targeting capabilities and real-time optimization. It enables precise audience segmentation, personalized ad delivery, and access to a wide range of inventory. The automation and data-driven approach enhance efficiency, increase ad relevancy, and optimize bidding strategies, resulting in improved campaign performance and better ROI for advertisers.
What factors should I consider when choosing a white-label ad exchange platform provider?
When choosing a white-label ad exchange platform provider, consider factors such as platform reliability, scalability, available features and integrations, data privacy and security measures, technical support and training provided, customization options, transparent pricing models, and the provider’s reputation and track record in the industry.
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